Many meaningful employment without being a college

Many high school graduates tend to ask a lot of questions concerning the importance and relevance of college education. The current education system has made it difficult for one to access any meaningful employment without being a college graduate. The desire to make quick money after gradating from high school has made many high school graduates to be skeptical about higher education (Warren 35).

Although many high school graduates may secure employment without college education, the truth of the matter is that they have limited opportunities. The earning potential in today’s economy is highly dependent on one’s academic credentials. Despite college education being costly and time consuming, its benefits have no limits.

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The idea of venturing into income generation directly after high school may be an appealing thought to many high school graduates but the truth of the matter is that lack of higher education can not guarantee them a bright future (Warren 35). This paper will discuss why college education is important to all high school graduates.

The first reason why college education is important to a person is the number of opportunities they are bound to have with their college degree or diploma. The job market has become very completive in recent times as compared to previous years. The many opportunities that high school graduates used to get are no longer available due increased competition and the ever changing economic trends (Wilson 71). Many economies across the world have changed from being manufacturing based to knowledge based.

Many employers are looking for qualified professionals who can bring fresh ideas to the company. This gives high school graduates little room to survive in the current job market. College qualifications help employers to set standards for a particular job as well in identifying the right candidate for a particular job (Wilson 78).

College education presents one with a perfect opportunity to read many books with thought provoking content (Gardner 122). These materials are vey useful for social, economic and economic growth. Many companies use advanced technology in their operations which forces them to hire qualified college graduates.

It is always a great risk for company to gamble with high school graduates during recruitment. Colleges normally invite experts from different fields to lecture students on different issues. By listening from different experts, one is always in a better position to explore different ideas.

The most knowledgeable people teach in colleges and therefore students have the privilege of being taught by the best intellectuals that the country can offer. Having a mind that is open to new ideas and development gives college graduates a competitive edge in the crowded job market (Gardner 123).

By interacting with people from different professional backgrounds, one is in a better position to learn new things that makes them to be all round graduates. A well developed intellectual mind is the key to making the right decisions. The college experience offers additional social and intellectual growth that is needed in the current job market.

College education equips one with the required resources for working. College is a perfect place to get the right contacts and connections that might be very useful when looking for a job (Levine 67).

The more the connections made at college, the higher the probability of getting a better job. After being employed, college graduates have a great advantage when it comes to promotion. Employers will always seek to promote employees with good academic qualifications. College education is therefore very important for career development.

The knowledge gained in college is always very useful in starting one’s business (Levine 67). Running a business without any professional training is always a great challenge and it is normally hard for one to exploit their full potential. High school education does not teach the relevant skills that are fundamental in the current job market.

It is important to note that the importance of college education is not entirely restricted on jobs and career growth. The college experience provides one with a perfect opportunity to socialize at a higher level and in the process improving their social life. At college, one is able to interact with people from different cultures, nationalities and races.

These interactions create mutual respect as one learns how to tolerate what they are not used to (Warren 65). Colleges have got serious clubs and associations that provide a good platform for leadership development and participation in activities that are beneficial to the society.

In conclusion, it is mandatory to have college education in order to survive in the current job market. The importance of college education was not clear in the previous years because of the many job opportunities that were always available for high school graduates at the time.

The increasing number of college graduates has made it even more difficult for high school dropouts to have any real opportunities. Apart from producing graduates with a greater earning potential, college education has also proved to be important in the social and mental development of a person. The college experience equips one with vital life skills that high school education can not offer.

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