Why blood to our muscles become smaller. (Muscle

Why Do We Have Muscle Cramps?You may have experienced a sudden muscle pain, this pain is commonly called a cramp.  If you are an athlete or someone who does not drink a lot of water during the day you may have a higher risk to get these pains.  Many people wonder why they have gotten a muscle cramp, how to get rid of them, and how you can prevent muscle cramps.  Sometimes people think there might be something wrong but having muscle cramps are very normal.  Fifty to sixty percent of adults are believed to experience muscle cramps and seven percent of children do as well. (Nordqvist)There are many reasons why we can get muscle cramps. One reason is that you are dehydrated.  You can get muscle cramps by being dehydrated because you lose electrolytes and not get enough electrolytes back to your muscles. (Why Do Your Muscles Cramp?) Another cause of muscle cramps is not enough blood to your muscles. This happens when the blood vessels that deliver blood to our muscles become smaller. (Muscle cramp) Some people also have higher risks of getting muscle cramps like pregnant women, people who have medical problems and age.  As people get older they lose muscle mass and the remaining muscles can be overstressed easier.  (Muscle cramp) If you have problems with your feet like flat feet or over prone ankles you have a higher risk of getting muscle cramps.(Nordqvist)You can get rid of these painful cramps in many different ways though.  One way to prevent muscle cramps is to stretch your muscles before and after you play any sports.(Muscle cramp)  If you get leg cramps during the night though you can stretch before you go to bed or do a light exercise. (Muscle cramp)  Sometimes muscle cramps do not go away on their own so if this happens you just have to stretch and massage it until it goes away completely. (Why Do Your Muscles Cramp?) Taking a warm bath or shower would also help get rid muscle cramps.  (Nocturnal)A good way to prevent muscle cramps is to make sure to stay hydrated.  Fluids, like water, help your muscles move and keeping the muscle cells hydrated causes less irritation to the muscle and reduces the risk of muscle cramps(Muscle Cramps).  Dehydration is not the only reason you get muscle cramps as you know already.  When you get foot cramps at night, you can prop up your foot on a pillow or let your feet hang over the edge of the bed. (Nordqvist) If you have problems with your feet like flat feet or over prone ankles, you may need to get some orthotics or suitable shoes for the type of feet you have. (Nordqvist)  I know orthotics definitely have helped my ankles and legs from getting muscle cramps.  There are many other ways too but these normally work the best. Most people, like you, have experienced muscle cramps at some point in time. It may have been because you were dehydrated or another reason. Next time you get one you will know what to do, like stretching it or massaging it. You could also prevent muscle cramps by staying hydrated. If you get muscle cramps yourself or if you know someone who gets muscle cramps you can now help them or try to understand why they get them.