Whenever to give his/her best to his/her job.

Whenever an employee works in either formal or
informal settings, he or she confronts with other people. This confrontation
makes a convoluted fabrication of cross link among individuals. These cross
links affects either positively or negatively all the individuals who are
involved in it. The attitude of an employee is definitely influenced by other
people who work in the organization. It is the main objective of the present
study to measure the impact of these factors on the attitudes of the employees.
The attitude with which the present research is concerned is job satisfaction.

Hertzberg (2009) found that job satisfaction derives from the work
itself; those factors intrinsic to the job provide the true satisfaction to the
work. Of course, the intrinsic factors (job satisfier) and extrinsic factors
(job dissatisfies) are not totally independent. There are some psychosocial factors
which seems to influence, e.g. pay, promotions, coworkers, opportunities and
stress etc. the measure of job satisfaction developed in this study included
measure of intrinsic and extrinsic job satisfaction.

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The importance of employee satisfaction at the workplace was as the
heart to your body. If you are partially satisfied then you can work but there
will be less or no productivity. The companies who are at the top of the world
ranking have good HR system where every employee is happy and satisfied with
the environment and remuneration package hence greatest productivity and

Job satisfaction plays a great role in defining your efficiency and
productivity. An employee who will be satisfied and happy with his/her job will
have higher productivity than an employee who look at his/her job only as a
mean for monetary benefits. This is because job satisfaction provides a person
with inner motivation and self-encouragement to give his/her best to his/her
job. He/she will always try to scale new heights of success an attitude which
is not only beneficial for the company, but also for his/her own professional

A person who is satisfied with his/her job helps in creating a positive
work environment.  He/she always helps in
boosting up the morale of his/her colleagues and helps in creating a harmonious
relation at work. After all, job satisfied employees are the ones who truly
follows the concept of “Work in worship”. This is because, they believe in what
they are doing and this belief and confidence provides them with the required
zeal, passion and motivation to succeed in life.