What to recognize equality, and helping people become

What concepts of the theory make it
the most appropriate for the client in the case study?

Alfred Adler
coined the term Individual Psychology as a way for people’s behavior goals to
be analyzed and to determine its reasoning

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Why did you choose this theory over
the others?

This method
was chosen over others; because it involves the daily lives of the individual
and practical living for them. Corey (2005) states that the Jungian Theory
focused on professional thinking on the psychological changes of midlife. Corey
goal for this theory is for the person to not focus on how they thought about
life or situations when they were younger. However, instead, in their midlife,
focus on fulfilling life as they age. This theory best fit the issues and
situations that are affecting Ana.

What will be the goals of counseling
and what intervention strategies are used to accomplish those goals?

components of this theory pave the way for a goal that will allow Ana to
incorporate coping skills. Another goal will be to help change the way that she
deals with issues. Her issue with the weight loss proves that there may be
underlying issues and she needs to understand how to change the behavior.
Murdock (2012) posits that with this insight, she will notice a decrease in her
physical symptoms, an increase in functioning, and experience a change in her

Is the theory designed for short- or
long-term counseling?

theory is designed for long-term counseling and can have positive effects if
implemented with fidelity.

What will be the counselor’s role
with this client?

(2009) posits that counselors strive for clients to look at things in a
different perspective that will introduce them to a new way of thinking. Corey
(2009) posits that fostering social interest, helping clients overcome feelings
of discouragement and inferiority, changing clients’ lifestyles, changing
faulty motivation, encouraging individuals to recognize equality, and helping
people become better -contributing members of society are the goals.  

What is the client’s role in

NCDA gives some roles for the
client. NCDA (n.d.) suggests the following roles:

consistent with scheduling and keeping appointments with the counselor.

a good payment record with the counselor.

a part of goal planning for your therapy.

you establish goals with the counselor, be sure to work towards the goal with

you work towards accomplishing your goals, keep the counselor up-to-date on
your progress.

a client, if you decide to terminate your relationship with the counselor, do
before entering a relationship with another counselor.

For what population(s) is this
theory most appropriate? How does this theory address the social and cultural
needs of the client?

            This theory is appropriate for many
populations and does address social and cultural needs. Corey (2009) states
that the purpose of this theory is to assist clients to understand their unique
lifestyles and help them learn to think about self, others, and the world and
to act in such a way as to meet the tasks of life with courage and social

What additional information might be
helpful to know about this case?

think some exciting things to know would be her goals, expectations, and any
other issues that could be underlying and causing the current issues.


What may be a risk in using this

The following are some of the
disadvantages /risks involved. Polanski (2002) posits the following: this
theory can be complicated for some, one has to be highly intelligent, it can be
a disadvantage for someone who is in a long-term program, hard to measure with
validity, and difficult to find treatments for specific problems.