What corporate site, but many can agree that


is the mission and strategy of the company (e.g., recruitment, selection,
training and development, performance management, and compensation and
benefits) to help achieve its strategic goals?

The company that I decided to analyze is Delta Air Lines. I could not
find an official mission statement on Delta Air Lines’ corporate site, but many
can agree that the following statement summarizes their values and aims:  “We—Delta’s
employees, customers, and community partners together form a force for positive
local and global change, dedicated to bettering standards of living and the
environment where we and our customers live and work”(Delta Air Lines). The strategy that this
company uses to be successful is to invest in their employees on the job. This
company understands that in a customer service type of business, employee satisfaction
is vital for the happiness of customers and a positive work environment. Joanne
Smith, Delta’s Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources
Officer, said, “… we do our best to build an environment that rewards
their employees efforts, gives them a platform to succeed, and offers many
ways to feel ‘Delta proud.” This is evident with the company being named one of
the 2017 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For (Fortune
names Delta one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For).

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is the company using human resource management?

The company uses Human Resources Management to achieve company goals by
creating personality and cognitive assessments for the selection process,
creating work simulations based on real work
scenarios, and by conducting in-depth interviews. The company also conducts
workshops for new hires and offer training programs to teach employees the “Delta


your opinion, is there a good “fit” between strategy and HRM at this company?
Why or why not?

I do feel that there is a good “fit” between strategy
and HRM in this company because Delta Air Lines is thriving. The employees are
satisfied and the customers are happy with the service. This is evident with
Delta’s profit sharing. For three years in a row, the employees earned over $1 billion in profit
sharing for their role in delivering operational, financial, and customer
satisfaction performance (PROFESSIONAL
DEVELOPMENT). The strategies that the company uses and HRM are doing a
good job at reaching the company’s goals.