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What is LovEmpower?

The principles of LovEmpower will help believers take control of their lives and lead a happier life. In order to do this, believers will go through a process of self-discovery and learn how to accept and love themselves. In a world where it is easier to compare ourselves to others than ever before, it is important to realize and develop our self-worth. Instead of working for others’ approval, we must focus on our physical and mental well-being, and LovEmpower will help you do that. 

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Why do we need LovEmpower?

We are all prone to negativity. However, we ourselves are not to blame. Our brain is constructed to give more attention and be more sensitive to negative stimuli even when simultaneously exposed to a positive stimuli of equal intensity. This phenomenon is called the negativity bias. We also selectively filter the information and stimulation that surround us, because there is simply too much of it. In other words, we form and can change our outlook on life based on what we focus on. These inclinations are reinforced with the toxic media and advertising culture that incite us to feel extreme inferiority. We tend to focus on what is wrong with ourselves than what makes us beautiful and unique. LovEmpower does not aim to transform believers into the perfect human being; its aim is to help believers become the best version of themselves through learning about and achieving self-love and self-empowerment. Based on the understanding that life is a journey of self-discovery, LovEmpower focuses more on the process than the final product. 

Before we start

Self-love is often perceived as narcissistic. However, a believer must start by understanding that loving yourself simply means having a healthy relationship with yourself. Self-love is about getting to know and treating yourself better. Although it should not be, loving yourself is an arduous process. It is extremely essential to accept that this journey is time and energy consuming before we start walking the path of self-love.

Basic steps

There are many choices followers of LovEmpower can make in their daily lives to start walking the path of self-love. These include prioritizing sleep, practicing regular exercise, meditation, maintaining a healthy diet, getting rid of your negative filter and so on. You might realize that these are recommended to those who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle. The first important step is to identify the toxic people and habits in your life and eliminate them. 
We also recommend believers to list their positive characteristics and reflect on them daily. Turn your flaws into assets and change the tone of your inner voice. Identify the things that derail you from your path of self-love and make a plan of how to deal with them. Understand that you can’t control others or the universe but you can control your responses and reactions. 
Stop obsessing over your past mistakes and learn to forgive yourself and those who have hurt you. Dig into your past and identify what is still affecting you, your fears, and your negative beliefs about yourself. Accept them; do not deny or ignore them. 
You do not have to pretend as if everyday is amazing. It is ok not to be ok. It is ok not to be perfect. It is ok to be flawed. It is normal to have dark thoughts and feelings. Do not bottle your feelings. Find a way to release them in a way that harms no one. By spending time alone and listening to yourself, get to know your true self and learn to accept, acknowledge, and embrace him/her. 
Give yourself time and space to breathe and relax. 
Invest in the relationships that really matter to you. Say no to those you do not like spending time with. Spend time with your favorite people and express gratitude and sincere appreciation for them. By loving, honoring and respecting them, you are doing so for yourself.


Every Sunday, LovEmpower believers will gather at a LovEmpower center, where believers will act as each other’s mentors. There will be a guru present who will help you find your path to self-love because there is no single right path that fits everyone. 
At these meetings, believers will practice Loving-Kindness Meditation together. We will share with each other what we are grateful for and our achievements of the week big or small. If you are having any dark thoughts and feel lost, consult with the guru. She or he will help you heal, grow, and flourish in order to become the person you truly are. You will be able to build and maintain a positive self-construal. There will also be other recreational activities, ranging from cooking to hiking.

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