We than talking to each other or heck

We all have the tendency to overindulge in things. Soon these things become something we begin to perceive we can’t live without but when there are complications due to which we are forced to face such circumstances then we suffer from what are known as ‘withdrawal’ symptoms.Lets talk about this in terms of mobile phones. Mobile phones are something that are becoming a vital source of everyone’s entertainment. Be it surfing Facebook for memes, twitter for catching up on Trump’s latest rants, Instagram for who Selena Gomez is dating next and snapchat to see what our dear friends are up to. Have you ever imagined what you would do with your spare time if you were to not doing any of this? Are you a big fan of history? Let’s spend a day in the caves without our phones and Wi-Fi, visiting the tech-stone age.Perceivably in the land of the ‘unknown’, have you ever thought about what you would do in all the time you don’t spend on your cell phone? Keeping the withdrawal symptoms we mentioned earlier in mind what do you think would happen if you were to spend the day without all the social media apps crammed into your phone? Realistically speaking no one can die of boredom. Have you ever saw the brighter side of this? Well let us enlighten you.1- You start paying more attention to your surroundings:Your phone might have been something that updated you about what is happening in Afghanistan or the US but what about your immediate surroundings? What is the point in knowing about the next Prime Minister of Britain when you might as well fall down a flight of stairs because you didn’t see where you were going.2- Hangouts become more than just sharing Wi-Fi:Ever witnessed those parties where everyone is just sitting and tapping away at their phone rather than talking to each other or heck even dancing? The maximum effort someone makes is to ask the password for the Wi-Fi or comment on the tacky outfit the Instagram model is wearing. Well if your cell phone wasn’t in question these parties would have more of a vibrancy in them.3- Say hello to a more productive days:Rather than just slaving away on your phone aren’t you better off reading or doing actual work for your office or school that you might have been putting off for a while now? Rather than falling asleep after watching 10 different Snapchat stories wouldn’t it be better if you went to bed at night thinking about how you did not end up putting off work for the next morning, ‘claiming’ you’ll just wake up early and do it?4- A healthier mental and physical life:Just like being an alcohol addict involves sacrificing your liver, being a phone addict has many more targets than the average addiction. It not only effects your brain, making it sluggish but your eye sight and body weight as well. Always sitting around staring at a tiny