Veeraiah Engineering is a branch of computer science

Veeraiah C. Thubati#1538289SOFTWARE ENGINEERING AS A PROFESSION                 Software Engineering is a branch of computer science that deals with the development and maintenance of a complete software. Software Engineering is a profession of developing, designing, maintaining and managing applications by using a word called technologySoftware is nothing but a piece of code that is used to solve a particular problem. Software Engineer is a person who uses all the principle rules and regulations to construct a complete software.Education is the only thing where we can get a lot of experience and knowledge about all over the world. Education makes us to think in different perspectives. When I attend the TCS interview in my undergraduate. I asked the interviewer why degree is required to apply for a job in your company ?, He told me that the education is the only thing where everyone can learn the skills that are required in a corporate world and for your life. Those skills are Communication SkillsProblem SolvingLogical ThinkingHard Work  Veeraiah C. ThubatiSmart WorkMotivationCharacter BuildingManagement SkillsTechnical SkillsBehavioural SkillsEducation combines all the challenges found in life. Education acts as mediator to transform information into knowledge. It makes us to understand the things well and we can apply the things in real life too. It helps us to create awareness among ourselves.The leading employers in software industry areSoftware DeveloperNetwork DeveloperNetwork AdministratorComputer ScientistSystem AnalystBusiness AnalystVeeraiah C. ThubatiTech SupportIT ConsultantSoftware TesterThe role of Software Developer is to develop the applications like games, tool apps etc.. The developer uses some core programming languages to write code for that particular things.The role of Network Engineer is to check up the network regarding problems, installation and any recent day-to-day upgrades.The role of Network Administrator is to manage the different kinds of networks such as local area network and wide area network.The role of Business Analyst is to get the product which satisfies the customer needs.The role of Software Tester is to implement the methods to fix the bugs in the software.The role of web developers to develop the websites regarding how the pages looks like , more attractive All the information technology companies can employ all these job roles in their companies because, theses roles are required in every IT industry.Veeraiah C. Thubati From the identification of requirements from the customers to deploying the product to customer there is a process named Software Development Life Cycle. There are mainly six phases in the Software Development Life Cycle. They areRequirements GatheringPlanningDesigning PhaseBuilding the product Software TestingDeploymentRequirements gathering is the first and basic step in this life cycle process. The main goal of this step is to collect all the raw materials which means the input that are required to start the work from the customers, field experts etc.. Planning is done once the gathering of requirements is over then the further step is to clearly identify and prepare the document regarding the productIn the design phase based on the requirements we have a  clean cut view of  the product has to be prepared. It contains the overall architecture of the product. Veeraiah C. ThubatiIn the building phase the actual development of the product starts. Developers uses some programming languages and tools to develop the software product.After the code is complete then the software is tested by tester . The tester fixes the bugs in the software and recheck the software until no bugs. Deployment phase  is the last stage where the product is completed and ready to release into the market. Normally some of the SDLC models that are used and using by IT industry are waterfall modeliterative modelspiral modelWe find the employment opportunities in IT field, in mechanical field, and in Government sectors.United States of America, Some parts of Europe, Canada, Australia, India, Japan and China have more number of opportunities especially in the software field.In India we found more number of opportunities in 4 cities Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai. In TCS is the wing of software in india. TCS has more than 0.35 million employees in their company. It is the only company in which more than 0.1 million female software employees . Infosys also offering more number of opportunities to the students in the india.Veeraiah C. ThubatiThe main advancement opportunities that more people are getting in the designing phase, managing the network, database work, developing the software, installation of the product etc..  The engineers should have to require recent up to date technical skills to survive in the industry as the world is growing the software industry is growing more day-to-day. Regarding security there may be lot of opportunities ahead.  As the data is growing everyday in                                                                                     order to handle the bunch of data handling courses going to rule the market in future. Data handling is a huge problem facing every where in the world.My interest in the field of Computer Science can be tracked to my early days at school. In high school, I’m really fascinated how electronic gadgets work. One fine day when I was back to home after a quiz competition where I was awarded the first prize, My brother living abroad made a video call to congratulate me. Apart from feeling surprised and enjoying the happiness of success I was wondering how a person is geographically distinct can be visible on a small screen here. It seemed to me like a magic and also raised in me a zeal to know more about all the underlying features that are necessary to create the electronic gadgets was what I enjoyed the best.My passion for software that was responsible for all such wonder full applications made me to choose Computer Science. I want to see myself as a responsible and  challenging position in a reputed growing organization as a developer and to enrich my knowledge through learning, to utilize my technical skills and behavioral skills for the development of organization and to enrich my knowledge as well.Veeraiah C. Thubati”Education is not only for 100 out of 100 marks, Its a way of hundred years life”. Software Engineer is not only a programming but  also one of the best chance to help the people through the power of technology. REFERENCES