3. Hb content of red cell. Because

3. Total red cell count.

The results of these indices are helpful in diagnosis of different types of anaemia.

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MCV (Mean Cell Volume):

This is the average volume of red cell. Because, the size of red cell is very small, it is expressed in fematolitre (Fl)

1 Fl = 10 -15 lit.

MCV can be calculated as:

MCV = hct (%) ? 10 / Total RBC count in million

Normal value = 78 to 94 Fl

MCV is reduced in microcytic anaemia, and raised in macrocytic anaemia, in deficiency of vitamin B12, folic acid, etc.

MCH (Mean Cell Haemoglobin):

It is the average Hb content of red cell. Because the amount is very small, it is expressed in picogram.

1 Picogram = 10 -12 gm.

MCH = Hb (%) ? 10

Total RBC Count

Normal value = 27 to 32 picogram

MCH is raised in macrocytic anaemia and reduced in hypochromic anaemia.

MCHC (Mean Cell Haemoglobin Concentration):

This is the average Hb conc. per unit volume of PCV.

The value is expressed in % or gms/lit.

The normal value is 32 to 38%. Below 32% is found in iron deficiency or hypochromic anaemia. It cannot increase above 38% as the red cells cannot hold higher concentration of haemoglobin.