Under whatever is available at hand, equitably, and

Under general
consideration, often intelligence is considered to be the highest and most
brilliant aptitude of an individual. During any normal conversation, if some
individual of a high intellect appears, they are automatically placed on a
higher position of a pedestal, than any person with an average intellect. I’d
beg to differ. Having an outstanding intellect doesn’t automatically bestow you
a higher position in the social hierarchy. In practical terms, under stressful
situation, this intellect will be of no use unless you possess the nerves to
assess the situation in a calm manner. If you were to inquire from my close
friends or family about my strength, some might claim it is my intellect,
however majority will tell you otherwise. It is in fact, my composure, and my
ability to stay calm and rational during incredibly trying situations, that –
at least – I consider to be one of my best aptitudes ever. And that is exactly
what I believe is required in the field of business and social

Social entrepreneurship
requires the ability to make the wisest choices ever – no doubt – which
requires a high intellect and foresight. That question is non-debatable. What
debatable is, however, is the human
weakness to make errors. That is inevitable, and no amount of foresight and
intellect can save a person from making wrong judgments at least once in their
lives. Under such conditions, a good amount of confidence can help a person
transform the negative situation, into a positive one. A high self-confidence
is another one of my traits, and has enhanced significantly during my education

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I believe leadership
quality is another one of my traits; the ability to immediately grab the
control of a situation, and make use of whatever is available at hand,
equitably, and resourcefully. When I sit down to reflect upon my qualities, I
believe I have made the most wise decision of education, and taking these
traits with me, I intend to follow this path towards the end.