Types fragments 4. Business Process Team Structure

Types of Organizational Structure – Strengths and Weaknesses

1.      Functional Structure

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     •      Easier
to oversee work inside a gathering

     •      Contains
individuals who “talk a similar dialect” and sustains                                                                               
                   .           Specialized

            Draws in and creates specialists

     •      Lower
work costs

     •      Workload
can be adjusted upon request


   •        Coordination
and correspondence between offices might be slower   and less                       


   •        Individual
office supervisors have restricted basic leadership expert

   •        Different
offices have distinctive needs; settling clashes might be expensive;                                                         

interests could be neglected



2. Product
or Service-Based Structure



            Responsibility for every item can
be pinpointed at the division 


•           Focus on one item can deliver higher
quality “best in class” yield

•           Team soul creates around every
product offering

•           Competition among divisions can
support business

•           Encourages free basic leadership

•           Quicker reaction to client ask




•           Less sharing of assets crosswise over

•           More duplication of
exertion bringing about higher expenses

•           Customers who need more than one
item/administration should work with more

             Than one division.

•           Company might be ease back to
perceive that an item ought to be changed.

3. Client or Geography-Based Structure


•           Unique needs of each kind of client
are all around served

•           Focus on clients’ needs and

•           Unprofitable product offerings more
inclined to be dropped


•           May be less sharing of assets
crosswise over division/departmental limits

•           More duplication of exertion and
foundation bringing about higher expenses

•           Internal frameworks may develop in
various approaches to serve distinctive client                                       




4. Business Process Team Structure


•           Focus on association is outward to

•           Reduces number of levels of
administration – “smooth associations” (lessened administration cost;
fewer requirements for coordination)

•           Time and cash spared because of
decreased need to leave data behind and down the pecking order and between

•           Promotes self-administration by
representatives (more prominent occupation fulfillment in view of greater

            Broadens people’s learning and
aptitude bases

•           Faster basic leadership, diminished
process duration and enhanced responsiveness to clients


•           Involves real change of the
association (troublesome, auspicious and expensive            change; new frameworks required for
all intents and purposes everything)

•           Company may need to hold utilitarian
skill if not adequate inside each procedure

•           May require major and exorbitant
preparing activity




5. Framework (Hybrid) Structure (contains more
than one concentration; has at least two supervisors)


•           Enables association to utilize its
assets proficiently (gives adaptability to dole out            staff to extend necessities and
reassign as required)

•           Takes full favorable position of the
utilization of groups (keeping up top to bottom specialized aptitude in basic

•           Provides people a chance to work with
various aptitudes and skill  



.U Microfinance
Bank constrained is a completely settled Bank. It has some key highlights
because of which it is gaining ground so quickly.




As workplace
assumes a huge part in this period of rivalry, so Bank has great condition for
its representatives to work. Every one of the representatives work by
coordinating with each other and furthermore with administrators. Supervisors
are so lord with the representatives so issues are explained bitterly.




Workers at U
Microfinance Bank restricted are so effective. As Jalal murmur branch is
another one, its representatives need to take their bank among the rundown of
best positioned bank. In this manner they play out their obligations more than
their working hours and they do it with their will. That demonstrates their
dedication and dependability to their association.


Every one of the
workers are engaged amid their break time and they give same lord of
disposition and regard for the all clients.


Proposal asked
from clients:


For enhancing
the quality and standard of bank and to get new thoughts, every client needs to
fill a proposal frame and giving their thoughts for better change.




advantages are given to the workers like tip, extra, credits, stores,
increases, house lease and restorative administrations.




is electronic workplace in the bank. Every one of the sections are done in PCs.
By this odds of blunder are diminished and proficiency of bank is expanded. All
the branches are controlled halfway through LAN settings. So workers
co-ordinate all the more proficiently and giving quicker client




–           Lowest
financing cost when contrasted with others


–           Quick handling


–           Minimum handling charges


–           Repayment through regularly scheduled payments


–           Lowest protection rates