Travel insurance companies offer the best packages?” and

Travel insurance, for whatever
reason, is the source of a lot of confusion. Questions like “What is the best
travel insurance?” “Which insurance companies offer the best packages?” and
“Should I get travel insurance at all?” are the most commonly asked. Out of
this confusion, people often make one of two mistakes. Getting inadequate
insurance, or, none at all.

Honestly, reading up on travel
insurance can be a ghastly experience. It’s all wrapped up in legal lingo and
is not in any way amusing. Instead of all that, let’s just start with the most
important points.

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What people think about travel insurance

There are several arguments against
getting travel insurance. The most common are:

I’m already covered by my
health insurance.

It will only matter if I
cancel the trip

Nothing is going to happen to

Healthcare is cheaper abroad

Just another clever way to get
me to spend money

I’ll book the trip first, then
I’ll get the insurance

Collecting a claim can’t be done
without an actual calamity.

Travel insurance is for

What’s really going on

“I’m already covered by my health insurance”

To start with, a lot of domestic
health insurers cover is limited to network coverage. Which means you might not
be covered after all. The differences are clearer here.

“It will only matter if I cancel the trip”

No. There is a lot more to travel
insurance than canceled trips. Theft, medical problems, and lost luggage claims
happen more often than you think.

“Nothing is going to happen to me”

I’m guessing you don’t read about
things that could? Find out what World of Wanderlust has to say about that.

“Healthcare is cheaper abroad anyways”

Healthcare can be cheaper, but,
depending on where you go, it can be substandard. Buyer beware, and all that.

“Just another clever way to get me to spend money”

Actually, it is usually somewhere
between 4% and 8% of your total trip costs. It’s not all that expensive if you
think about it. And you get your money’s worth, whether that is peace of mind
or actual help.

“I’ll book the trip first, then I’ll get the insurance”

Getting insurance earlier actually
has more benefits. Some insurance even covers pre-existing conditions, provided
you get it at least 2 weeks ahead of time. Besides, doing it this way means you
are more likely to just forget about travel insurance altogether.

“Collecting a claim can’t be done without an actual calamity”

Well, it’s more like you have to
prove what happened. Granted, the paperwork can be tedious. But, they can’t
just dish out cash because you say something happened. Claims happen after the
fact, so it is expected some form of proof will exist. Just keep the doctor’s
notes and hospital receipts, okay?

“Travel insurance is for daredevils”

Actually, no. Adventurous people and
partakers in dangerous sports obviously need the insurance, but that does not
exempt you from the list. You could still get mugged, injured, have your
luggage get lost or have the trip cancelled or cut short.


As you can see, travel insurance is really
important, regardless of where you are going. There is no such thing as
absolute protection from theft, injury or lost luggage. But, at the very least,
insurance will let you continue on without crumbling into a ball of despair
once they do happen. And if you do need help understanding, you can find it
from places like Expert Vagabond or Insure My Trip.