-Travel services of therapeutic staff and specialists with

-Travel and tourism:

The World Travel and Tourism (WTTC) had contributed in
financial affect investigate, which surveys that the Travel & Tourism
industry had commitment to GDP and jobs.

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Real life example: Based on the report that proposed
by United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 2010. Malaysia is the
9th highest universal visitor entries which had reach up to 24.6 million guests
to the country, increase 3.9% at the end of 2009 execution.

-Global marketing:

Due to globalization, Malaysia has depended to a huge level
on global capital and trade flows to push its economy, which the computers and hardware are the primary effective items.

Real Life example: According to the Government site “Malaysia Outside Trade Development Corporation”
2013 report. Malaysia had total trade developed of 1.6%
in March 2013 which reach the value of RM114.94 billion compared with Match 2012.

-Health improvements:

 Based on
globalization the health improvements had develop countries due to
social and environment changes, it
later health enhancement in countries which can broadly related to health improvements information exchange and
socio-cultural determinants.

 Real Life
example: Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai represent The Health Ministry said that
theywill proceed progress the new Kluang Hospital by giving more high technology equipment and upgrade the services of therapeutic staff and specialists with
the point of moveforward the health care system inthe country and decrease the infectious illnesses.




Allow higher education:

A lot of good  modification to the work and character of
higher education caused by the impact of globalisation and therefore the
improvement of data based mostly economy. The reorganization and alter of
higher private education to create it a lot of worldwide competitivness.

Real life example: the increasing
malasiya with large populations like China, Asian country and state are moving
towards by the approach on globalisation of upper education. and therefore the
demand rising from 1.8 million to 8 .4 million international students.



The Challenge of Liberalization:

Malaysia recognizes that there are benefits to
be determined from liberalization. Hence Malaysia’s liberalization activities have
become successfully react to the
challenges and opportunities to
increase globalize economy. These approaches in extension of trades, FDI
inflows, accelerated the
industrialization process, helped the technology transfer Malaysia production
with high quality products.

 However, liberalization could too unfavorably influence the local industry in case they do not have the capacity to compete.
The planning of liberalization measures
is vital so as to guarantee that
the domestic sector is sufficiently arranged it