Today when we have the chance to

Today adolescents sign contracts, contracts in which we sign our life over to drugs, electronics, and bad people that lead us away from our goals in life. These addictions keep us away from being involved, from being plugged into our goals, school, family, and most importantly our religious life. These things are unplugging the adolescents of society one by one. The following is what it truly means to be unplugged, and what serious consequences may arise.
    In the world adolescents are exposed to so much and have the decision to choose their own destiny. Those who have already been unplugged are bringing all the bad things with them to the school environment. This means drugs and pornography which has been sliding past teachers. These things are unplugging more and more adolescents and there is now the benefit of the iPad in the learning environment. This means more students are unplugged because when we have the chance to be taking notes and learning what we need for the future, we choose to play games. These electronics unplug us and take a toll on us because we play in class which leads to failed tests which then hinders us from being a successful doctor, lawyer, or engineer that could change the future. So no, we don’t study, we play iPad games, and we are now unplugged from society. Our name is not remembered it’s almost like we go off the grid. We might just think we’re unplugging from society and some can live with that, but we don’t realize we are unplugging from for much more.
    Religious life is a key aspect in everyone’s life and controls how your future may play out. Unplugging from something so special like your life given to you by God you forget about all he has given you in this world. Things change like hanging out with the wrong people or drinking till you’re drunk which is a mortal sin. God will not stop loving you because you will always have a chance to plug back in and repent your sins but the truth is 99.9% of these people, leave God behind for these horrible things and think that they will still go to heaven. Being unplugged from the life you were graciously given by God will lead to hell unless you plug back in.
    There are no benefits to living a life unplugged. Drunkenness, pornography, and exposure to electronics are all things that will affect you in life. Your life with God, your future of finding the cure for cancer gone because you decided to follow the route that was not set by God but the route set by drug addicts, alcoholics, and even atheists that try to lead you away from your true meaning on earth which is preparation or heaven. An outlet and a charger are simple things but look deeper, God is the outlet and you are the charger, only you have the power to plug yourself back in.