Today, the child. Babies can be made

Today, women run around  protesting for their rights and insist on equality with men. Newsflash, women are not created equal to men, and everyone and their mother knows that. Without men, who would be able to move furniture around the house or change the transmission of a 1983 cadillac. The dominant race has always been male and will continue to be for many more centuries. It is about time women need to be put back into their place, and extreme measures should be implemented until things are set right again. First of all, and most obvious, women should be permitted to leave their homes. It is simple, to not let women leave their property will allow men do their rightful duty: make money. With this being said, money brings happiness and dominance, taking away occupations from the female gender will ensure male prosperity. Within the household, women have two primary jobs: one, pass on the family name, and two, clean all living quarters of the home. Nothing else can be expected of a woman let alone needed. Moreover, if the female is too feeble and indolent, the man will have to take authority and conclude all effeminate household chores.  With this setup, the one task left for women to fulfil is pregnancy. But in retrospect, do we really want women taking care of our children? If a woman is incapable of completing basic household tasks she should  be permitted from carrying the child. Babies can be made in a petri dishes, and with this savvy invention a perfect baby can be created without the spouse’s idiotic gene pool. Moreover, if a man can accomplish all tasks of a women; eliminating the female gender can be a fair compromise. Completely wiping out the female gender can bring economic prosperity as well as social balance due to the indolent behaviors most women obtain. The inbred of our futuristic children can only bring beneficial outcomes, especially since they will be made in a lab. Looking back on it now, God must have made a mistake when creating the female specimen, because all women can be sufficient for is sexual intercourse. Slowly killing off weak women will illuminate our way of life into the paradise it should of always been. No more phone calls, hair salons, shopping sprees, our way of life is so close and soon enough it will all ours. Men, if you are intelligent, go out and fulfill God’s deed by making money and terminating the female gender. Get rid of all the worthless women and build our nation on strength and male pride. Together we can bring back what was rightfully ours, a mans world.