To Even though blacks were allowed to vote

 To conclude, white maintained a whole over
most political of the regions in the south and how blacks in the south were
citizens. Labor, political systems, and social aspects introduced new
significant challenges during 1865 to 1900.


 Furthermore, social aspects played a key role
during the reconstruction era due to “social Darwinism” in which people believed
they were better than others in evolution. (Doc 5) Booker t. Washington gave speech
about social equality. This also leads to African Americans not having the same
opportunities as whites when it comes to education based on document 7. Throughout
the years you can see other African American leaders like martin Luther king
and Malcom x give out their point of view on racial segregation laws and equal

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Social aspects

In addition,
political system was not giving the same opportunities to black men’s that the
whites had. As said in document 3, white democrats suppressed blacks into voting.
Even though blacks were allowed to vote and had civil rights, the whites didn’t
like that so black were still controlled and faced racism. In 1896, “Plessy v. ferguson” (Doc 6) there was a
change in improving equality within the society. These sources support my
argument because the rights for African-Americans were slowly changing.

Political system

To begin with, African
Americans were always seen as inferior to whites and had the worse conditions
when it came to labor. The Mississippi black codes (Doc 1) were the rights of
negroes and mulattoes of what they were allowed to do and not do. For instance,
they were able to vote, acquire personal property, and dispose in the same
manner to the same extent that white persons may.  A sharecropping was done during 1866 (Doc 4) where
a freedman and a landowner made a labor contract. Most of African Americans that
were freed were looking for jobs but they were only skilled for farming which
their only option was to work as a sharecropper which was similar to slavery. This
source supported my argument by showing how labor contracts were and the more opportunities
for freedman during this time.


Whites in the
south maintain a whole over most political of the regions in the south while African
Americans are seen as lower class mid. This had a change for blacks and whites that
they could be able to live together in a non-slave society. During the period
of 1865 to 1900 social systems remained the same in the south due to labor, political
systems, and social points.