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This section made it impossible for the president to allow leaders that were formally from the confederate states to regain spots in the government after regaining their American citizenship. The only possible way for a former Confederate leader to gain a spot in the government is by if two thirds majority in Congress allow the person to join. Unless they have received this from Congress they can not vote in federal elections or holding federal office. This means without two thirds of Congress agreeing a person from the former confederate states can not be American citizens. The next section, the fourth section, is about how you can not under any circumstance pay any previous debts owed to the Confederate states and can not pay somebody to compensate for their loss of slaves. The fifth section is self explanatory. It states that Congress has the power to enforce everything in the amendment to Americans. The fifteenth amendment states that African American males were allowed to vote. This amendment was properly adopted in the year of March 30, 1870.(History.Com Staff, 2009) This meant that a male from any race, color, or any servitude has the right to vote in an election. This was made for African American men to be equal with white men at the time but this ultimately failed and the amendment was in vain. There were many ways that racists or people who didn’t like African American overcome or bypassed these rules. In the late 1870’s many practices were being practiced to discriminate against the African Americans. Southern Republicans left in the 1870s and this caused them to start nullifying the amendments that gave rights to the former slaves and African Americans. They stripped the African Americans unlawfully of their rights and nullified the effects of the fourteenth and fifteenth amendment. They would do things such as literacy tests or polling taxes to prevent them from being able to vote rightfully. The African Americans at this time faced the problem with literacy tests because of the fact that slavery had only been abolished for a while and that the former slaves were never taught how to read or write. The polling taxes were problems because slaves had just been freed and were looking for ways to make income so they couldn’t afford these. Another thing whites would use to prevent African Americans from using their voting rights to the fullest was intimidation and violence. The KKK were a prominent group that attacked the African Americans. This eventually ended on August 6, 1965. He signed the the Voting Rights Act which would prevent people from letting African Americans flexing their right to vote under the fifteenth amendment. This meant they could not be able to prevent African Americans from voting because of literacy or any other reason. These three amendment are the most important because of all the positives that they bring to the table. They clearly affect how America is today and how everybody is free. The thirteenth amendment, fourteenth amendment, and fifteenth amendment’s benefits are clearly shown. This amendment abolishes slavery which was an inhumane and cruel act which should never have been practiced. This lets African Americans do what they want and are not restricted because of an owner. This freedom ever since the Civil War has affected our country in beneficial ways. We have many people who are African American doing good things. President Barack Obama was an African president of the United States, Martin Luther King Jr. was an influential African American speaker, and the list goes on and on. These influential black people have all helped us because they were granted the right to vote, be American citizens, and have freedom to live without a slave owner. If African Americans were not granted the right to become American citizens then America would not be the same at all. People would not come to America for freedom. America is built on freedom and if a certain group of people are not allowed to be American citizens or are granted the same rights as anybody else then people from other nations would also expect not to be treated equal. African Americans are a major factor in today’s elections. They are one of the biggest group that vote. According to studies about 59.6% African Americans voted in the 2016 election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.(Jans Manuel Krogstad, 2017) This is a huge chunk of people who vote and choose our leaders. Without them the outcome of elections would be very different. This is why the the three Reconstruction Amendments are the most important. Many people would argue that the Reconstruction Amendments are actually not the most important amendments. Some people would argue that the second amendment is the most important amendment. The second amendment is about how people have the right to bare arms or own a weapon. This is very important because it is how people protect themselves when there is danger but compared to the the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth it isn’t the most important. The three amendments give rights to African Americans and this is more important than being able to bare arms. These amendments give rights to human beings that they deserve. There is no comparison because human rights are definitely above being able to own a weapon because human’s have the right to have simple basic needs and without these amendments a certain group of people do not get their rights. Humans can live without owning or possessing a gun or any weapon but without basic human rights they can’t live a normal life. If the second amendment was never passed it would have less of an effect on the United States compared to if the three Reconstruction Amendments were not passed. Overall the Reconstruction Amendments are the most important amendments because they have the biggest impact on America. They give rights to a certain group of people shaping