This evolving trends. Introduction : An information system

 This writing gives an explicit
amplification of information systems, their evolutionary history, and the
evolving trends. 

Introduction :

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information system is a set of computerized elements that are used to handle,
create and store data. It is also used to concoct the data into learning and
distribute it to the desired targets. It typically involves five major components:
hardware components, software components, the data itself, system users and the
modes of shaping the data into information (Peppard, 2016). Many organizations,
businesses, institutions, and companies have adopted information systems to aid
in the continuous running of business ventures.

Organizations usually have their prime goals and
aspirations of the operations they indulge in. The intentions of the
organizations may have an imperative plan to improve the information systems in
their activities. So as to be regulated with the organizational goals and
objectives various companies grew with multiple knowledge systems eased
operations and stimulated more output. Cited in 2016 by Cassidy, by utilizing
computer system infrastructure business enterprises have made efficient and

The companies have fundamentally
incorporated the systems that established very profitable including supply
chain management, human resource relationship management, accounting
information management, transaction management, record keeping for the whole
organization, customer relationship management, inventory management, payroll
management.The notable changeover has been observed in computerized systems
over the time and extended over time to care for business ventures and
enterprises. These methods efficiently used by companies as competing for
advantage tool that was embraced by the organizations and considered the
positive impact on their operations cited in 2016, by Peppard.

information systems have been enhanced in recent years to advance the
performance of organizations and Computer system developers worked tirelessly
that was with customizable information systems and can be used in a wide range
of industries in various business ventures.

 Example: supplier relationship
management systems have been customized for supply chain management. and widely
used by manufacturers for managing supplier intimacy and suitable environment.
This also been consolidated into sales management systems.

 Information Systems Evolution:

information systems have evolved over
time from manual operations that involved the use of paper to keep all things
in organizations in order and prominently evolved over the years into
computerized systems that are easy to use and more efficient than the
old-fashioned systems. Developing from the unique task for the organization
(Laudon, 2016) that began the legacy of single methods to slowly into the
integrated systems that can perform on the equivalent platform for various
business responsibilities.

Enterprise Resource Planning systems
have been introduced by institutions and the primary enterprises in ERP as and
a single massive system of integration of many information systems that
incorporates the principal business pursuits.Information systems have been
determined to be the useful tools in optimizing and improvement of management
activities and the metamorphoses over the years have dramatically made the
progression in which they are acquainted in 1960 for dealing with accounting
managing concerns.


 Information systems have proven
to be an adequate tool in the conducting of business activities. Company
management has been perfected over time through the use of information systems.
All the levels of management have embraced computerized knowledge systems since
they are more effective in the performing of business activities. Businesses
have adopted the systems to gain a competitive advantage in their areas of
specialization. It is therefore recommended that all organizations embrace
information systems in performing all business activities. 

Information systems are efficient in
conducting business ventures and has been used in company management to improve
over time through the use. Embracing computerized information have been exerted
by all the levels of administration since they are more efficient in the
accomplishing of business ventures. In all areas of specialization, business
has embraced the systems to gain the competitive advantage. Therefore to the
performing of all business activities recommended was that all organizations
embrace information systems.


Reference: Information Systems
Infrastructure: Evolution and Trends by Wenda M