This handles his workforce is in a negative

This is an organisation flowchart
that I have created from a KFC company, just to show how an organisation
flowchart is established. In this flow chart, it shows clearly that the General
Manager is in charge of the company who is also the leader of the team below.
If the three teams below had a problem they would have to talk to the next in
command which is the assistant general manager who would then take it to the
general manager.

On another hand, the understanding
and believe everyone has is the fact that leaders are supposed to be role
models and influence the action of the firm. The process of having a good
leader and then replacing him/her is very common in workplaces; this means
there are always different changes occurring which opinions aren’t really
questioned on staffs. There is good leadership and there’s bad leadership;
either of both can change workers attitude towards the company. BBC News
 (Analysis by Gregory

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Updated 1530 GMT (2330 HKT) November 30, 2017) announces the leader of USA President Donald Trump in the article of
him discussing the problems with Muslims; the way he presents himself and
handles his workforce is in a negative manner, although he is a leader in the
leadership role, he is bringing his team down instead of making them rise in
that department. This kind of leadership can destroy and bring not only an
individual name down but also the whole team and the whole of what they have
worked for.

Despite the fact that they are different
characters of leaders, they all strive to make a change the perception of these
changes are vital. The knowledge and skills built in leaders make the position
they are in successful. In order to appoint a hard working good leader, you
need to make sure there is talent in the individual, skills and also management
skills, without management skills and patience a leader wouldn’t be able to
work effectively with its team members.