There the present and future work load requirement,

There were
many Vertical / Horizontal Borers already installed in our Manufacturing Plant
at HEEP, Haridwar in Uttarakhand, India. Due to the present and future work
load requirement, there was the requirement to purchase a New Vertical Borer
for Machining of various components required in Power plant like HP Inner
Casing, HP Outer Casing, IP Inner Casing, IP Outer Casing for rough &
finish machine and other components of Steam Turbines/Gas Turbines/Hydro
Turbine etc demanding high accuracies & surface finish. I occupied the
position of a Mechanical Engineer for the Technical as well as engineering
support in finalizing the design specifications of the Vertical Borer
envisaged. During this period, I was involved in the preparation of technical specifications/
procurement of the Vertical Borer fulfilling all the present / future

There was
a team consisting of different engineers from different departments like
Mechanical, Electrical, electronics, production etc. All the team members were
having their different roles to play. Production engineer indicated the present
and future job requirement to be machined on that machine and also for its effective
utilization. Electrical engineer is responsible for all the electrical
connections, power supply, its locations etc. Electronics engineer was
responsible for all the control equipments, control panel, PLCs etc required
for the functioning of the machine. Being Mechanical engineer, I was involved
in deciding the specifications related to all the mechanical parts of the
machine, its accuracy etc. The machine was required to work for 24×7 hrs and
was fully automatic with latest CNC control system. Hence the close
co-ordination of all the team members were very much important in deciding the
specifications of the machine. I along with Production engineer collected all
the desired information i.e. all the job drawings from the engineering
department along with the future projections. I then studied all the job
drawings available to ensure that the specifications of the machine pertaining
to my area must fulfill all the job requirements. Hence I calculated the
maximum height of the job that needs to be machined, maximum swing diameter of
the job, different types of operations to be performed on the job, maximum
weight of the job etc. Hence after studying all these details and other
information, I started deciding the broader specifications of the machine to be
procured. I discussed in detail the broader specifications of the machine with
the production engineer and came to know that further allowance was to be kept
due to the larger size of the rough castings. Further the different parameters
of the machine like size of table diameter, RPM, number of speeds, feed,
retract speed, different tool holders etc. were calculated so that all the job
machining requirement could be fulfilled. Rough machining required low speed
while finish machining required high speed. Also different types of job
material require different types of feed/ speed combination to get the best
results out of that. Various tool holders were to be decided based upon the
different operations to be performed on the machine. Hence keeping all these
parameters intact, machine was to be designed and specifications to be decided
to float the tender.

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