There the recollect one feels while cycling, that’s

There is a certain feeling one gets during a productive workout session in a gymnasium. The propensity one develops while running on the treadmill as the wind blows your hair. That tiresome yet composed feeling which paradoxically makes you energized. I like that feeling.I can’t run, and embarrassingly enough, neither can I swim, but the simple activity that I know, I give it my best. Cycling has always been for me more than simply a release at the end of the day. The intensity, the speed, the sudden drama inherent to cycling: I find it unique to other sports. I love cycling not because I am good at it (there are those who are better); on the contrary I have no extraordinary capability, no quickness and no leaping ability. I have my own unique way of pulling cycling feats that has given me a win at my competitions and has carried me to the varsity level at home and school with an incredible biking tradition.But cycling has that ineffable quality about it, that certain thing that I find it hard to pin down but which keeps me going back to the cycling highway day after day. Maybe it’s the power and dexterity all wrapped up into one, or perhaps that feeling of moving my legs up and down on the pedals just like salsa dance. I know of no sight more graceful than that of a lady, gripping on her bicycle’s handlebars, in leather black bike shorts and hastily making her way through her counterparts.However, those are just the surface attractions. The real allure of biking comes to me in different ways. It comes in that tight pull of pride when my teammates and I take turns at the front of our slipstream to set up an easy win, then high-fiving gently after romping our way to victory. It comes from the delight of participating in cycling campaigns and raising money to help the needy, the triumph of being a light bringer to someone. It comes from the joy I get while training some young girls how to cycle- being a varsity biker, I enjoy helping young cyclists perfect their game. But that serenity and the recollect one feels while cycling, that’s where it comes from and that’s what I go looking for every time I climb my bicycle and join my friends in that cycling highway.