There The physiotherapists at Philips are specialized to

There are many types of physiotherapy available for
different ailments.

treatments include techniques for correct breathing, usage of certain
devices and positioning for optimum lung expansion.

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post-surgery includes knee replacements and hip replacements along with the
cardiac surgery. Pain and swelling are dealt first after post-surgery, then
further exercises are done to improve body functions.

ageing treatments include strengthening and balancing along with certain exercises
to ensure your future is pain free and independent.

physiotherapy includes exercise for physical disabled people and children
having growth issues. Treatment also includes certain exercises and stretches
for sports injuries.

exercises post stroke/aneurysm is to ensure the person moves arms and legs

natal and post natal physiotherapy is for mothers before and after they deliver
babies. Ante natal exercises like pelvic floor exercises, back care and joint
pains ensures that the mother is in optimum health post-delivery.

Physiotherapy for
back pain at home

The common causes of back pain are strain, health problems,
lifestyle, pregnancy and obesity. The physiotherapists at Philips are
specialized to treat acute and chronic back pain. With proper medical advice
and physiotherapy, back pain can be treated permanently.

Importance of
physical therapy after surgery


Physiotherapy after a surgery offers long-term benefits like
joints movement, recover strength in muscles, building up strength in joints
and surrounding muscles. It helps to ease pain and swelling and help with
circulation of blood right after surgery to avoid blood clots. To achieve these
long-term goals, physiotherapists focus on stretching of muscles and joints.
There are exercises to strengthen the body, ice and heat application,
ultrasound and electrical stimulation.