There promotion in the market. CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: FACTORS

There are many factors to be considered
before going for celebrity endorsement. There is no single formula to win over
the marketing world. A company must do 360 degrees analyses, prior to product
promotion in the market. 


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Celebrity endorsements have been the bread
and butter of Pepsi’s advertising. Over the years, Pepsi has been continuing to
use celebrities for market in large and targeted advertising, including Wyclef
Jean, and Busta Rhymes, who did a targeted campaign for their Mountain Dew
product . Nike golf balls, since the company signed Tiger Woods in 1996, have
seen a $ 50 million revenue growth. Nike’s golf line grossed more than $ 250
million in annual sales. Roger Federer also endorses Nike brand and Gillette .   

successful ongoing global endorsements are as follows: – 

Globally, firms have been just apposing
their brands and themselves with celebrity endorsers. 

Global Examples 

Therefore, it makes tremendous sense for a
brand to procure a celebrity for its endorsement.  

India is one country which has always
idolized the species of the celluloid world and have always an aspiration to
live life like those celebrities. 

Just stating India as an example, it would
not be wrong to say that celebrity endorsements can positively affect the
overall brand presence in the country. We have numerous examples that prove
this claim. The Parker brand of pen, which by itself commands equity, used
Amitabh Bachchan to revitalize the brand in India. According to Pooja Jain,
Director, Luxor Writing Instruments Ltd. (LWIL), post-Bachchan Parker’s sales have increased by about 30 per cent.

The objective of using celebrity was to garner
faster brand recognition, association and emotional connect with the target
group. Star power in India can be gauged by the successful endorsement done by
Sharukh Khan for three brands- Pepsi, Clinic 
All Clear  sun feast, Santro. Today
he is endorsing 16 brands all together 

The end part of the ’80s saw the evolution
of a new trends of advertisement’s in India – brands started being endorsed by
celebrities. Hindi film and TV stars as well as well as sports-persons (majorly
Cricketers ) were roped in to endorse  brands that were prominent during that time .
Advertisements featuring stars like Jakie Shroff (Charminar Cigarette’s), Rajesh
Khanna  (Fabina Shirting’s and suiting’s)
and Sunil Gavaskar (Dinesh Suitings) became common. Of course, probably the
first ad to used  star and cased in the
star power and persona in a strategic, long-term, mission statement  was for Lux soap, a brand which has, perhaps
as a result of this, been among the top three in the country for much of its