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The first thing that I thought of when reading through the lyrics. Was how similar Guthrie’s story was to George and Lennie’s from Of Mice and Men. Not only do both take place in a similar time era. But they had the same struggles; in trouble with the law and having to roam around for work. In this song Woody Guthrie wildly expresses his distress of how he feels as if he no longer has a home in this world. In which he means literally and figuratively. He has lost everything he cares about and he also feels that he doesn’t fit in anywhere: with the upper or lower class. In the first line he states that he roams from town to town working and looking for work. He goes on to say that any encounters with police don’t go well. This could mean he has committed a crime and is wanted, thus adding to his struggle of not fitting in. Woody relates his story to many other hard-working people who struggle financially. His brothers and sisters who also migrate. In search of employment and opportunities to prosper, but ultimately find nothing. When Guthrie states that a rich man took his home and caused him to flee. I believe he is referring the ‘rich man’ to a bank who took his home because of problems with his mortgage. Before Guthrie was migrant worker, he was a dedicated farmer . That worked hard but even after putting long hours, he was still not seeing success in his business. This resulted in him again struggling and giving up his farm and crops to the bank. Based on his life experiences he sees the world in a whole different way. He thinks it’s “funny” how the upper class doesn’t struggle and aren’t surviving off check by check. While the lower class is putting in long hours, their blood and sweat into their work. Yet still end up unfortunately penniless. Overall I agree with the message behind Woody Guthrie’s lyrics, they can be related to current times. Many people in the lower class who work hard everyday but don’t prosper. In example people without a college education who work long hours for a minimum wage. While most people in the upper class have everything. Basically handed to them because of their connections or parents.