The two nations will improve for a future

The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, to escalate endeavours at creating science, innovation and advancement co-operation inside the African area by saddling the tremendous normal assets intrinsic in Africa, which will finish into amazing improvement for our citizenry.The Minister decided when he received the Ambassador of Burundi to Nigeria, Emmanuel Mofayokurera in his Office on the 27th of December, 2017 in Abuja.He asked them to team up and cooperate to discover enduring answers to the issues upsetting the landmass. Dr Onu likewise noticed that Science and Innovation were vital to the eventual fate of any country, including that the joint effort between the two nations will improve for a future for the two countries and the world on the loose.The Minister likewise approached African Pioneers to help the landmass through satisfactory financial advancement by grasping Science, Innovation, and Development to decrease destitution and upgrade world peace.He additionally expressed that the Service is working perseveringly to divert the Nigerian economy from an asset – base to an information-driven economy, which will be of gigantic advantage to Nigerians. Dr Onu said that there are gigantic advantages to tap from the learning driven economy, including beneficial work to the young people and experts, make riches and develop our economy and decrease destitution in the land.With an information-based economy, the necessities of Nigerians would be met while the nation can likewise fare to the universal market to procure the genuinely necessary remote trade, he said.He stated, “Nigeria can’t be poor as we are honoured with crude materials that everybody on the planet requires”. Prior in his address, the Burundi Representative to Nigeria, Emmanuel Mofayokurera, advised the Minister of the upcoming convention in Calabar on 30th December 2017, with the subject “Moving towards asset-based economy to information based economy”.He said he trusted that Nigeria is the powerhouse of Africa and with the up and coming tradition, it will be a beginning stage for Africa to stimulate the general population’s cognizance in the zone of Science, Innovation, and Development in the mainland.