The Witch Trials many innocent people were either

The Crucible written in 1953 was a play about the Salem Witch Trials that took place in the 1600’s. During the Witch Trials many innocent people were either put to death or their lives and reputations ruined. This can be compared to the Red Scare and the actions Senator Joseph McCarthy and HUAC. The Red Scare took place between the late 1940’s to the mid to late 1950’s. Many peoples lives were ruined by Senator McCarthy and HUAC. In The Crucible more than 30 people were put to death because of the false accusations of a group of a girl named Abigail Williams. She accused many innocent people of being a witch for personal gain. This is just like the Red Scare. Senator McCarthy accused many people of being communists or sympathisers. This in turn gave him more power and respect in the Senate. In The Crucible Abigail Williams, the head accuser had a group of girls who went along with every move she made. This made her accusations even more credible. Senator McCarthy had a group of followers as well, they were the HUAC, or the House on Un-American Activities Committee. They followed him and praised McCarthy for being such a patriot. In The Crucible a man named John Proctor knew that Abigail was spreading lies to him and the public. She put many innocent men and women to death. Eventually he brought Abigail down even if it meant his demise.  Edward Murrow was essentially the real life John Proctor. He knew what McCarthy was doing and wanted to stop it. He kept spreading the truth and eventually brought about McCarthy’s downfall. Bringing his downfall meant Edwards regularly scheduled program was dropped from and hour time slot to a 30 minute segment, and he could only do three more shows, essentially his downfall. The Red Scare and The Crucible were basically the same thing. In The Crucible many people died and had ruined reputations for the rest of their lives because of lies spread by an ignorant person. During the Red Scare many people’s reputations were ruined and careers because of another ignorant individual. One man knew the truth and sought the demise of their enemy. John Proctor from the Crucible spread the truth and caused Abigail Williams to flee, though he died because of it, he brought down his enemy. During the Red Scare Senator McCarthy was doing the same thing, spreading lies. Edward Murrow, a broadcast Journalist, brought McCarthy to an end, even though it meant losing his career.