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The Glass Menagerie is a play by Tennessee Williams, which follows Tom Wingfield, young man with great dreams of becoming a poet; but is hindered by the troubles of his family.  His father disappeared without a trace, with exception of a postcard announcing his permanent departure from their family. Tom has to work in a Shoe Warehouse against his passions of travel and adventure. He narrates the whole story based off his memories, as well as being a major character in the play. Tom struggles to provide for his mother, Amanda, and sister, Laura. His sister awfully shy and born crippled, requiring her to wear a leg brace, is pressured by their mother to find a gentleman caller. While their mother still fawns over the days when she young with seventeen gentlemen callers by her side, she becomes too insensitive towards Laura and her lack of any gentleman callers.After a heated argument with his mother, Tom was granted an opportunity to be freed from his responsibilities of supporting their family. Amanda allowed Tom to leave if he could find a replacement for him, which obligated a gentleman caller for Laura. Tom barely convinced by his mother invites a man from his work, Jim, to meet Laura. Amanda thoroughly prepares for the arrival of the gentleman caller and dress her and Laura in fanciful dresses. She makes a exquisite dinner for his appearance. Laura finally discovering the gentleman callers’ name is shocked to realize that he was the same boy she had a crush with in high school. Throughout the night, Laura avoids Jim by rarely being in the same room as him. A blackout occured in the house resulting from Tom using the money for the electricity bill to fulfil his spirit of adventure. The blackout prompted Amanda to push the romance between Jim and Laura, by encouraging Jim to bring a candle to Laura in the other room. After the awkwardness between them ceased, Laura reveals to Jim about her crush towards him during high school. She shows him her favorite glass animal in her collection, a glass unicorn, swayed by the atmosphere Jim and Laura began to dance. In the midst of their improvised dance, Jim accidentally break the horn off the unicorn. Jim is quite apologetic, but Laura is forgiving and states that the unicorn became normal horse. Jim kisses her, however he quickly retreats and confesses of having a serious girlfriend whom he will marry. Laura always understanding, offers Jim the broken glass unicorn as a souvenir.Amanda frustrated at Tom for bring an engaged man to meet Laura. She calls him selfish and delusional, which finally persuades him to follow his father footsteps and leaves them. Not long after he was fired from his job for writing poetry on shoe boxes and continue to roam other cities. Years pass and his regret for leaving Laura behind still fuels him. “…Oh Laura. Laura, I tried to leave you behind me, but I am more faithful than I intended to be!”