The streets of Minnesota, grab tickets to their


The Best
Places to Watch the Super Bowl


where are you going to watch the Super Bowl?!

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Whether you
follow it or not, it’s not a decision to take likely – even if it’s just to see
Justin Timberlake. This is, after all, TV’s biggest night of the year.


As Super
Bowl Sunday draws near, the pressure is on to find the best place to enjoy the
action as the New England Patriates defend their title against the Philadelphia


But first
things first: there’s no need to settle for live-streaming the game on your
laptop. I mean, what’s worse than missing the biggest play of the game due to
buffering? Nothing.


We all know
live sports, good brews, and the boys go hand in hand, but finding the right
combination is essential. Of course you’re going to need a good view of a
high-definition screen – preferably the bigger the better – good brews and bar
food, and the company of like-minded sports fans to debate bad calls and
deconstruct the halftime show with.


Luckily I’ve
search far and wide (Waterloo wide that is) to bring you the five best places
to watch the Super Bowl in Waterloo.


1.     Morty’s


At Morty’s, there isn’t a bad seat in the house. With numerous screens,
you’ll be able to catch the action from anywhere. With cheap drinks, simple
food, and strangers to cheer with or root against, it’s a simple formula for a
great night. Consider making a reservation – it’s going to be packed!


2.     Stark & Perri


Stark & Perri is doing everything bigger and better for the Super
Bowl. If you want to feel like you’re in the streets of Minnesota, grab tickets
to their all-you-can-eat tailgate buffet! Tailgate parties are a credit to the
American way of life, and there is no better time to support one than on the
biggest night of sports celebrations. There’s swag giveaways and $5 Bud Light
pints all night, so grab tickets before they’re gone.


3.     McCabe’s Irish Pub & Grill


McCabe’s is a good ol’ fashioned pub, and one of my top picks to catch
the game. If you’re looking for a place with an abundance of beer that befits
excessive celebration, than look no further than this Irish pub. Over-indulge
yourself in their wings and burgers cause what’s more American than that?!


4.     Wilf’s


Wilf’s is embracing the American tradition with Bud Light specials all
night and a raffle too – it’s definitely a top spot to catch the game. With a
casual, affordable atmosphere and the company of like-minded sports fans, it’s
a tried-and-true spot and one of the best spots to catch all the action.


5.     Shoeless Joe’s


In true American fashion, Shoeless Joe’s is doing the Super Bowl right –
wings and beer flowing all damn day. What better way to celebrate the Super
Bowl than that?