The spills and mishandling by industry. The negative

The United Kingdom
needs to focus on the sustainability and our stewardship of Earth’s resources
to effectively plan how to sustainably manage resources, water, and renewable
energy. There are three aspects of sustainability; economic, social and
environmental. These aspects are important to maintain current needs and
protecting the environment and resources for future generations.

This photograph is a
collection of plastic nurdles when I volunteered with the National Trust and
Surfers Against Sewage in the Great British Beach Clean at East Head, West
Sussex in April 2017. Nurdles are becoming a global issue because they are
accumulating in ominously large numbers due to an increase in spills and
mishandling by industry. The negative multiplier effect occurs because when
nurdles enter into ecosystems, marine animals mistaken nurdles for prey as a
source of food that ends up in the food chain. People are at the top of the
food chain and the worldwide population is ‘eating up to 11,000 plastic
fragments in their seafood each year’ 1. This means that ‘180 species of
marine animals including, mammals, birds, fish, and invertebrates have been
found to have ingested plastic’ 2. Nurdles are not currently sustainably
managed on a global scale because the issue has remained almost entirely hidden
from the public eye. More public awareness is crucial to spread knowledge of
nurdles as an environmental pollutant, which many find their way into the
marine environment. Not only are nurdles a primary microplastic, at highly
toxic levels they attract and concentrate persistent bioaccumulating toxins
(PBTs) 3.

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