The similar to “avoiding the elephant in the

The author
in this article is conveying that we must understand that leadership can be
both good and bad. Leaders are greater by description, is what the Americans
assume for historical and political reasons. They do not consider people such
as Nixon and Hitler as leaders because they feel both these people are
discarded and do not deserve to be labeled as leaders. Thus, it explains the
reasons and how exercise of power, authority and influence can cause harm.


Kellerman not only focuses on describing leadership as an art but
additionally also emphasizes on the fact that the industry only focuses on
defining leadership and leaders as good leaders and completely overlook the
assessment of bad leadership and leaders. The article finds a case for
additionally stressing on bad leadership in the definition of leadership.

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The case
talks about how Americans have been fortunate in their political leadership.
The author stress upon differentiating between leadership and the leader,
further explaining that leadership can be best understood by accentuating upon
three variables; the leader, the follower and the context of the time. The
article highlights that bad leadership can be termed as either futile or
immoral or both. In addition to that the article also explains seven different
types of bad leadership: incompetent, rigid, intemperate, callus, corrupt,
insular, and evil.

article also talks about the problems due to limiting leadership to good;

It is

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It does
a disservice

author believes that bad leadership is also leadership and bad leaders are
leaders. The article correspond bad leadership to the readers by discovering
the latest scholarly and industry focus on defining bad leaders with a term as
“power wielders” and bad leadership to be unnoticed and ambiguous by the recent
trends. The article argues that people want to learn and explore more about
good leaders like John Adams and Jack Welch from the industry but disregard the
leaders like David Koresh and Warren Harding’s. This is a usual tendency which
is similar to “avoiding the elephant in the room” and people refuse to compare
good leaders’ like Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Adolph Hitler. The crux and the
most critical aspect of the article points that the definition and
understanding of leadership should not only be limited to good leadership but
bad too, as it is done in today’s’ leadership industry. The article argues over
and over again for the definition of leadership, and wants people to admit that
leadership and leaders are bad too and in order to understand the definition
and the term leadership, we must open ourselves to this complete definition of
leadership and leaders and in the end learn that leadership can be good and

The author also argues that the behavior of the leaders is defined
by their own virtues and there are followers of bad leaders because the
followers need someone to lead.