The For example, throughout the whole novel,

The year
is 1850. You are a woman. An accessory to man, you cannot vote, and you must
abide by every strict law set by a settling religion. Life is good, but life
isn’t that good because you are ultimately viewed as an object, can’t exercise your
right as a citizen, and you live in a society where everything you do can be
considered morally wrong or against God’s law. That is what being a woman was
and unfortunately, some of those traditions have been passed down 167 years to
today. Woman still face a similar society that Hester Prynne faced during her
time. Some would consider her a feminist icon, however, so can The Scarlett Letter itself. The ideals
of feminism are apparent throughout the maturation and personal might of the protagonist,
Hester Prynne.

As the
imperfect human beings we are, it is hard to fully grasp the understanding and
accept that we have consequences that follow our actions. However, Prynne sets
a perfect example of what to do when you are condemned for your actions. She takes
accountability for her sin in and stands up to the village, showing courage and
growth. Not being afraid of society, she really wears her sin proudly,
developing her personal strength. Prynne fought through the standards of the Puritan
Village and represented the idea of empowerment and might, something that cannot
be easily developed.

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It can
be argued that although The Scarlett
Letter wears the feminist veil, there are sexist ideas that remain. For
example, throughout the whole novel, Prynne is the walking symbol of damnation
and unholy actions, thus the scarlett letter branded on her clothes. The fact
that Prynne and Pearl endured the same challenge when facing the villagers is a
direct support of how thick sexist ideals are in the novel. Even though, she
was strong, Hawthorne, the author, never fails to establish that she is, in
fact, a sinner.

the protagonist is what makes this novel a feminist, not the antagonist. Hester
Prynne not only attacks roles through growth and maturation, she becomes
unbothered by her Puritan surroundings and judges, all while being a loving and
protecting mother. She loved her child and did not care how her child was
conceived. Prynne clearly demonstrates and captures the idea of the strength women
are born with.

The year
is 2018. No pressure to be married, you can vote, and you can choose to live
your life the way you want. Time to time, you are oppressed by a society that
hurts women, but you remember that if Hester Prynne can endure and overcome the
obstacles she did, that you too can overcome boundaries set by society.