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The usage of Twitter for consuming news is increasing each day and to some extent it is substituting the traditional media, particularly the newspaper as far as news taking is concerned (Clark, 2010). According to Pew Research Center (2016) “37% of internet users with college degree use Twitter, age group of 18-24.”

Twitter users can send short messages or ‘tweet’ which consist of 140 character about what they want to say and what they are doing. People can also ‘follow’ selected user’s tweets and they can retweet or repost others tweet for their followers. It is an online medium of text-messaging with the ability of sending the same message to thousand people at once (Emanuel,2016) jack port Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams developed Twitter in March 2006, and it was released in July 2006. The particular service quickly gained globally popularity following the issues, such as American student jailed within Egypt and US Airways airplane crash on the particular Hudson river. In 2012, a lot more than 100 million twitter users posted 340 million twitter posts each day, and the particular support handled a typical of 1. 6 billion search enquiries per day. As associated with 2016, Twitter had a lot more than 319 million monthly active users. On the day time of the 2016 U.S president election, twitter proven in order to be the most significant way to obtain breaking news, together with forty million election-related tweets. Twitter users follow other users back. Unlike about many online social network websites, for example Myspace or, the connection of following and getting followed don’t require reciprocation. A user can stick to any additional user, plus the user getting followed will not need to follow back again. Being a new follower upon Twitter signifies that an individual gets all typically the messages (called tweets) coming from those an individual follow. Twitter updates can even be retweeted; the retweet mechanism allows users to be able to spread details of their particular choice over and above the attain from the accurate tweet’s followers.

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The 2 major news consumed simply by peoples which made tweets to gain its recognition is early afternoon upon April 15, 2013, within the location of Boston, plus the world got in order to know first as to what happened through a short message written in 74 characters. A tweet from the Boston Globe read: “BREAKING: A witness reports hearing two loud booms near the Boston Marathon finish line.”  The terror attack and the subsequent investigation unfolded on social media, with journalists, officials and individuals sharing and monitoring information on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. In several ways and instances, such as when the Boston Police broke the news first on Twitter that the second suspect was finally arrested, social media bypassed traditional media as an information platform. It used to be that traditional media platforms, particularly television, had the monopoly of breaking news. This no longer holds. More and more individuals are getting their news from Twitter.