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The first food assistance program in the United States was created as a response to the Great Depression. Families did not have enough money to feed their families and farmers were struggling with surpluses of food that they could only sell at a low price. In 1933, the Federal Surplus Commodities Corporation was established to distribute the surplus foods produced by farmers and distribute them to citizens struggling to afford food (NSLP). Then in 1939, the first Food Stamp program was established by the then Secretary of Agriculture, Henry Wallace along with the Administrator Milo Perkins. The program worked using two different colored stamps, orange to purchase food and blue to buy foods deemed surplus goods, with the amount of blue stamps given as half the amount of orange stamps purchased. This first Food Stamp Program ended in 1943 as the economy was running well and it was not until 1961 that President Kennedy made his first executive order to increase food distribution and start food stamp pilot programs. The goal of these programs were slightly different than the previous food stamp program by eliminating the stamps for surplus food in order to increase the consumption of perishable items. These programs expanded quickly, reaching 380,000 people in 22 states by the beginning of 1964 (SNAP). After seeing the success of the pilot programs, President Johnson asked congress to make them permanent. The bill to do so was introduced by Congresswoman Leonor K. Sullivan, who worked since 1954 to pass food stamp legislation, and passed. The Food Stamp Act of 1964 was introduced mostly to turn the regulations of the Food Stamp Program into law. It was estimated to reach 4 million people at a cost of $360 million each year however it reached over 15 million people by 1974. In 1971, laws were made to expand the program and to address concerns and questions not covered in the Food Stamp Act. The Food Stamp Program grew even more in 1973 with the Agriculture and Consumer Protection Act and then in 1974 was implemented across the entire country. By 1977, both parties wish to reform the Food Stamp Program and the Food Stamp Act of 1977 passed to eliminate the purchase requirement.