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The land venture guide is a specialist who exhorts on the buy, deal, rental, and financing of land and structures for non-private utilize, that is, of spaces that are planned for business purposes (workplaces, coordinations territories, doctor’s facilities, auto parks, focuses business and recreation, and so forth.). His activity is basic to survey the productivity of a land venture, that is, ascertain what execution can be acquired from the property, regardless of whether the objective is to create it and afterward offer it or if the intention is to abuse it through their lease. Not at all like private land (pads, houses, towers, lofts, and so on.) the valuation of the business land isn’t produced using the examination with comparative ones in a similar region, in spite of the fact that it can be a strategy to help the cost, computing the yield that the venture can create. The counsels who work in land promoters, notwithstanding completing practicality ponders, must play out a vocation of looking for land to manufacture or land to restore and estimates on the levels of occupation and the normal pay. Land speculation consultants who do their action in saving money likewise complete valuations and achievability examines, yet for their situation, they do as such to choose whether or not to back operation and under what conditions. They think about the plausibility of the venture introduced to them by a customer – financial specialist or designer and on the off chance that they trust that the activity has ensured they ‘loan’ the cash important to fund it. What preparing do you require? Most land venture counselors are modelers, specialized planners, law graduates and graduates in financial matters, business or organization and business administration. Planners go to the calling as a result of the specialized information they have about the development and employments of the business land; attorneys in light of the fact that they rule the intricate details of controls identified with grants, licenses, and so on., and financial experts since they are specialists in demonstrating and income rebates. Every one of them must be correct mediators and have a gigantic limit with respect to investigation. As of late, the offer of courses, experts and postgraduate courses having some expertise in land speculations has enabled new experts to enter the market with higher specialization. What work prospects does it have? The essential openings for work of land speculation counselors are in the counseling organizations in the area, which suggestions on buys, deals, rentals, and so forth and oversee resources of financial specialists (issue solicitations to occupants, pay imposes on ranches, and so on.); the promoter organizations and the banks. The offer of work in the field of land venture guidance is kept up, so it is conceivable to look for some kind of employment no sweat and advance in a similar organization or evolving organization. Experienced experts can get legitimate compensation, primarily in the event that they work in land saving money or prompting global financial specialists. Sources Data arranged with the joint effort of Adolfo Favieres, Director of Corporate Development of HYPO Real Estate Capital Iberia and teacher of the Options and Futures Institute.