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The Crimean War in 1853 was a war between the Ottoman Empire and the Russians because the Russians wanted control over the Black Sea. After the war broke out, Britain and France decided to join forces with the Ottoman empire in order to prevent the Russians from gaining control over the Black Sea. Britain and France did not want Russia to have control over the Black Sea because they had a deal with the Ottoman Empire in place that they could use their ports, but if Russia was in control they would not necessarily have use to the Sea. The War was mostly fought on the Ottoman Peninsula. The war showed weakness of the Ottoman Empire which led to them losing more than half of their territories. Selim III an important individual because he weakened the Ottoman Empire before the Crimean war which allowed Russia to attack. Selim III was overthrown for his lack of leadership, because he didn’t have the control over all the parts of the Empire lie he should have. Selim let parts of the Empire govern themselves which led to them not be a unified Empire. Another major figure in the Crimean war was Florence Nightingale. Nightingale was a British nurse in the war and she saved many people. Not only did Nightingale save many people she paved the way for women to be nurses in the army in other wars. She was one of the first women army nurses in history. The Crimean War led to women nurses in armies, wars being written about in newspapers, and the decline of the Ottoman Empire. The accomplishments of Florence Nightingale led to women being able to serve as army nurses. Also, the Crimean War was the first war to be written about in newspapers. The War led to Ottomans losing a lot of land. The Ottomans were weakened even more from the war and because of that they lost places like Romania, Montenegro, Cyprus, and Bosnia. The Crimean War led to other countries gaining territories that used to belong to the Ottoman Empire. Evan though Russia lost the war, they still gained lots of land from the Ottomans. They gained Crimea, Anatolia, and Syria. France also benefited from the war, they gained Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco. The Ottoman Empire also lost other land, they lost Hungary, Serbia, Tripoli, and Egypt.The Crimean war caused by and reflected the rise of Nationalism. Nationalism lead to the Crimean war because the other powers of Europe saw that the Ottoman Empire was weak because of the actions of Selim III. Selim did a bad job of keeping the Empire united. Because of that, some of the parts of the Empire wanted independence. The surrounding countries saw this  as a good time to attack the Ottoman Empire. After the war, the Ottoman Empire broke up and their territories scattered to different empires and countries. These events lead to Nationalism because all the parts that broke off from the Ottoman Empire wanted independence.