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The Constitution of India states that the health of its citizens is the individual responsibility of the state governments, rather than the central government. There are great inequalities in health between states. This trend is observed due to many reasons. They are-Malnutrition- this rises due to poor health standards and conditions arising due to consumption of unhealthy food. Poverty also plays a major role in the deteriorating health conditions in the country. Which is a byproduct of the bad bureaucracy prevalent in the country.High infant mortality rate- inadequate newborn care and childbirth related issues are to be blamed for this issue.Diseases arising due to poor sanitation- Diseases like dengue, hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria and pneumonia continue to haunt India due to increased resistance to drugs. Thankfully, due to the pulse polio program, India is now free from polio.Female health issues, especially in rural areas- this includes maternal mortality, breast cancer and malnutrition to name a few.Safe drinking water- this can be named as one of the main cause of many diseases. This mainly arises due to increasing population hence increase in demand, which eventually leads to high costs or less availability of clean and safe drinking water. Healthcare In India-The Government ensures free healthcare to all the citizens. This sadly comes at a low quality. Inadvertently this is inevitable. To tackle this the government has taken many measures in the past few years.Such as making healthcare available and affordable in rural area,improving maternity healthcare and infant nourishment. In the recent years many health missions have been organised and the pulse polio mission has been one of the most successful one. Medical tourism in India has dramatically increased which are undertaken by many NGOs.The very much famous and country wide mission is the Swach Bharat Abhiyaan. Conclusion / solution -Such recent developments have very much aided the country’s overall health and should be done more often. The youth should be encouraged to undertake such missions. The vicious cycle of overpopulation – bureaucracy  – poverty should be broken in order to obtain better health in INDIA.