The land they are on belonged to the

The French and Indian War started because both the British and French wanted to extend their North American colonies into the land of the west known back then as the Ohio Territory. British colonists wanted to move in on the territory but the French had already claimed it for themselves. In 1753, the Governor of Virginia sent George Washington to warn the French that were in the Ohio Valley that the land they are on belonged to the British. The battle that started at Fort Necessity on July 4, 1754 was a small force of French and Indian Troops that defeated Washington and his troops.  This was the start of the French and Indian War and it lasted seven years till it ended with the Treaty of Paris (also known as the Treaty of  Hubertusburg) in 1763. The Continental Congress was a five-member party and it was created to help the members negotiate a treaty. The five members were John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, and Henry Laurens. The Treaty of Paris stated that France had to give up all its territories in mainland North America, and also ending any foreign military threats to the British colonies there as well. The Treaty of Paris was signed in Paris by representatives of King George III of Great Britain and representatives of the United States of America on September 3, 1783. The Albany Plan Union was a plan to create a government for the Thirteen Colonies by Benjamin Franklin who was a delegate from Pennsylvania, at the Albany Congress on July 10, 1754. The plan was to unite the 13 colonies under on government for making trades, controlling the military, and other purposes. The Albany Plan was not accepted though because representatives from seven of the colonies adopted the plan. Even though the plan was never carried out because it got rejected for being unnecessary , the Albany Plan was the first important to conceive of the colonies as a whole united under one government. The Albany Plan of Union played a part in the Seven Years War because the colonies needed to cooperate with each other to protect themselves from any attacks or invasions.