The Athenians and the Spartans were advanced poleis of ancient Greece. Athens and Sparta coexisted during the same period although Sparta lasted longer. Today Athens and Sparta have made great contributions to our society. Athens and Sparta although similar had their differences politically, socially and culturallyPolitically Athens and Sparta did not have much in common. Athens was a direct Democracy because citizens could attend the meetings at the Agora and vote on matters. Sparta,however, was first ruled by kings also known as a Monarchy and then during the Lycurgus Reform, Lycurgus created an Oligarchy, which is ruled by a few. Both Athens and Sparta had an age of Tyrants, which are rulers who took power by force and also in Athens and Sparta women could not participate in politics. Today the United States is mostly influenced by Athens, in the U. S today we have a Democracy where we can vote for representatives, so they can handle matters for us even though it’s not a direct Democracy like in Athens our governments are still similar. Our Government also resembles an Oligarchy because the representatives we vote in form a governing body which consist of a few.Socially Athens and Sparta were fairly similar. In Athens, freemen were the only people who could become citizens, and they classes. The Spartiates who served in the army and had the right to vote, the Perioeci, or foreigners they were freemen but could not vote and finally the Helots goes away to war while the rest of America works but unlike the Spartan Helots the Americans are free and Culturally Athens and Sparta idealistic. Both Poleis also built many Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian styled buildings. The U. S adopted much of the Greeks culture such as there building structures, the Socratic Method, theater, and philosophy. Even though Athens and Sparta were rival Poleis they have contributed a great deal to not just The United States but the world socially, politically and culturally.