The do you feel about Conor’s custom

star has always been strict when it comes to his impeccable taste in fashion.
Although he’s a devoted fighter in the octagon, Conor McGregor can often be seen
rocking unique and trendy suits, shoes and accessories. Therefore, it’s not really
a shock to see him sporting his badass Alexander McQueen Batch Sweater.  Now you must be thinking why his fashionable
sweater is so special. Well, i it’s a navy cotton crew neck jumper that goes
with AMQ  signature motives and military
emblem jacquard badges. But wait, this is hardly the most interesting part of
his styling here. It turns out that you can also have this stylish sweater with
patch motifs for around $885. Well, it turns out that the Irish bad boy is all
about glamour and high-end fashion.


#17. Conor’s Eff You Suit

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How do you
feel about Conor’s custom tailored “Eff You” Suit? Just imagine turning up to a
party, or even worse, to a wedding in this unique suit. The ill-famed “eff you”
suit was apparently Conor’s way to show how little he’s bothered by his
opponent Floyd Mayweather. This $6,500 suit was designed by David August, best
known for doing most of Conor’s custom tailored suits. Believe it or not, the
suit was actually on sale as it was valued at about $6,500. Quite a price, isn’t
it? This specific suit, which on first glance looked pretty normal, offered
pinstripes for a curious phrase we all know quite well. As you can imagine,
Conor’s wardrobe pick for the first media face off with Floyd Mayweather didn’t
take long to become viral. This truly makes it one of Conor’s most ridiculous
fashion choices he’s ever made.


#16. Conor’s
Gucci loafers

Another super pricey item that Conor McGregor has ever had
is his fancy Gucci loafers. During his lavish shopping spree in New York City,
Conor McGregor absolutely turned heads and you’ll never guess the reason for
it. The Notorious fighter’s apparently a great connoisseur of the high-end
fashion and his New York shopping trip speaks volumes about his generousity.

The Irishman, who allegedly pocketed the insane $80m from
the fight despite a 10th-round loss, was spotted rocking  a pricey pair of Gucci sneakers. By
the way, Conor’s Gucci sneakers cost a few hundred dollars. So if you can
afford to copy his style, Gucci seems like a great place to start. Otherwise,
it’s hardly even worth the money. It’s only a pair of sneakers at the end of
the day, right?




#15 Gucci
Bomber Jacket

From Conor’s toxic green Lambo to his custom-made “Eff You”,
The Irishman is apparently determined to be no shrinking violet. During another
press conferece, The UFC champ was spotted wearing a colorful bomber jacket
accessorized with a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. Although his overall styling
looks pretty nice, we can’t really say that we dig his embroidered dogs floral
bomber jacket. Perhaps it’s just the fact that there are too many elements,
floral motives and colors that make us look away. But whatever it really is,
this piece of clothing appears a little overpriced. Unlike Conor’s Alexander
McQueen sweater which was only $885, this bomber jacket’s worth a whopping $3,750! Well, this sure makes another flashy thing that can
only be seen in the UFC star’s wardrobe.

#14 Conor’s
Orange McLaren 12 C Sports Car

The UFC Lightweight Champion’s all about supercars so
it’s not a surprise that his garage houses the luxury McLaren 12 C Sports Car.
From its opulent interior to every small detail of the 12C’s design looks
beyond perfection. As fortunate as he is, Conor McGregor was once even pulled
over by the Irish police. Although the Irishman is known as a cocky guy, who
always speaks his mind, he really seemed happy to cooperate with the Irish
police. From the look of things, he doesn’t seem bothered at all as there was
actually no indication of any wrongdoing whatsoever. Well, it’s still possible
that Conor was pulled over so the police officers can take a closer look at his
gorgeous orange McLaren 12 C Sports Car.


#13 Gucci’s milk
fur coat

During his 2017 world press tour in NYC, Conor McGregor didn’t
forget to get all dressed up and become the center of attention. Best known for
his flashy style, Conor opted for an extravagant Gucci Mink Coat & Ensemble
that’s supposedly worth around $150,000! Indeed, he might have really outshined
everyone at the word press tour. Once again, he let us take a look at his flamboyant
mink coat featuring Gucci’s signature snake impeccably embroidered on its back.
The Irishman finished off the look with a pair of 1970’s inspired brocade pants
and a red turtleneck. Apparently, Conor McGregor borrowed his style from the heavyweight
boxing champion S.J.Frazier. In 1974, the former champ sported an identical
ensemble during the face off with Muhammad Ali. This Gucci’s milk fur coat is
certainly too much extravagant for a daytime wear, but it perfectly fits Conor’s
colorful personality.







#12 Conor’s

Are you ready to step inside The UFC
star’s luxury Las Vegas Property? Whether the Irish bad boy is on the UFC
podium or not, Conor just never settles for basic things in life. Just take a
look at his heaven-like Mac Mansion, as he calls it, and you’ll see why. This
fabulous house is practically everything you can ever dream of having. Not only
does it meet the celebs preferences for high-end luxury, but it really seems so
cozy and welcoming. As the world’s top MMA fighter, Conor McGregor is currently
enjoying life in a luxury six-bedroom mansion. Situated on Sunrise Mountain, his Las Vegas
Views Mansion is packed with an eye-popping 50-foot outdoor pool and a terrace
area overlooking the best of Las Vegas. In a nutshell, Conor McGregor just
never does things by half; it’s all or nothing.


#11 Conor’s
Rolls Royce Ghost

of luxury, we just can’t keep going further without showing his Rolls Royce
Ghost some respect. Now that he’s finally made it through the ranks of the
world’s top MMA fighters in the industry, he can easily afford a whole luxury
car collection. Today Conor’s net worth is valued at $108 M so he’s hardly
bothered by silly things like the price tags of his clothes, watch or car
collections. In order to help you get a better idea of his luxury lifestyle, we’ve
got his fabulous Rolls Royce Ghost for you. The Irish MMA fighter’s garage
houses a few of the world’s fastest supercars, like a green Lambo, two Rolls
Royces, a BMW i8, and God knows what else he’s got in there. As for his most
favorite Rolls Royce model, Conor’s badass vehicle is allegedly worth almost $400,
000! As you can see, the design of his super car doesn’t usually come with a portrait
of the Irish fighter.  

#10  BMW i8 Is Worth Around $280, 000

that Conor’s cocky behavior in front of the camera doesn’t surprise us would be
such a silly lie. He’s anything but a humble guy who doesn’t stand up for
himself. Just try to touch a sore spot and he’ll surely eat you alive. He’s
quite a character that loves the flamboyant side of life. Speaking of that,
Conor’s lushious BMw i8 is another super cart that matches his showy
personality. Conor just loves taking his BMW i8 for a spin in his homeland and he
was instantly spotted by the paparazzi.  If
there’s one thing that Conor loves more than his pricey watch collection, it
must be his luxury cars. As he revved up the engine on the streets of Dublin,
the UFC superstar instantly gripped plenty of attention. But frankly, it can’t
be the other way around when you’re such a huge celebrity with loads of luxury

#9 luxury watch

Now that
you revealed the price of his Alexander McQueen Sweater or his BMW i8, it’s
time to move on to his unconditional love of watches. By the way, there’s a
picture of his beautiful wife wearing a gorgeous Rolex as well. This can only
mean one thing: Conor’s charming wife is apparently a lucky woman with a fierce
wrist game!

As for
Conor’s most favorite watches, he seems to prefer Rolex
Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona
rather any other luxury watch brand. Touching down in LA for a press
conference, Conor McGregor decided to make the most of his time in LA by
visiting Tupac’s alleged final home before being shot to death. However,
photographers and paparazzi were quick to find him and they didn’t miss his exceptional
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona.


#8 Lamborghini Huracan

Another gorgeous vehicle that Conor McGregor is also a
diehard fan of is his green Lambo Huracan. His unique and fast Lambo is nearly
worth a whopping $285,000 but it wasn’t its price that made headlines around
the world. Apparently, Conor’s super-green vehicle was poorly parked as it
touched the double yellow lines. And as you can imagine, Conor’s pricey
Lamborghini Huracan was quickly towed away due to the UFC’s poor parking
skills. Well, we don’t doubt his fine driving skills since he’s got a supercar
after all but having your car towed away only accentuated his true colors. He
just doesn’t care much about such marginal things, like leaving his car on the
double yellow lines. Seriously, he must have been really pissed off at the
authorities for taking his car away.


#7 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

By the
way, did you know that Conor’s name actually means a “wolf lover”? For centuries it’s been used as the
name of several Irish kinds, like the legendrat Ulster king. Frankly, this could
explain why the Irish MMA fighter is always so cocky and showy. This feeling of
dominance just runs in his veins and he can’t help it. Now that you more about his
hot-tempered nature, we believe that there’s no better car for him than his
stunning Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. It seems really fierce and mega fast, and
is probably worth a whole fortune. Now that he’s an rich owner of such great
cars, it’s only a matter of time before his garage bursts out. His ever-growing
car collection includes two Rolls Royces, Lamborghini, Benz S500, BMW i8, Chevrolet Corvette
Stingray and the list just keeps expanding. As a sports car that’s worth
$60,000 Corvette, it features a driver-oriented cockpit & available
convertible top.


#6 Conor’s Custom Suit Collection And A Possible
Fashion Line?


If there’s one thing that ideally describes Conor, it
would be his flamboyant fashion style. There’s no denying that he always tries
to look well and step up his own game. But when it comes to real fashion, we’ve
hardly expected that he’s serious about a possible fashion label. Oddly enough,
Conor wants to try his hand at the fashion industry by creating his own fashion
line with the help of his tailor, David August Heil. These two have already announced their new fashion project August McGregor, a brand-new menswear label that’s all about the modern suiting, trendy sportswear and accessories By the way, all of this has been inspired
by McGregor’s extravagant styles and sassy behavior.  The affordable
diffusion brand is expected to be David’s
first ready-to-wear offering
ever greatly inspired by Conor’s unique style.


#5 Cadillac Escalade’s Is A Fresh Addition To His Fleet
of Cars


Another precious vehicle from
Conor’s unique collection is his huge black Cadillac Escalade. While the “The
Notorious” was driving around in his glossy Cadillac, he suddenly spotted a
trio on the street impersonating notorious ring antics. There’s also footage of
the trio (Jason, Mick and
Patrick) just larking about and having fun when
Conor’s 4×4 Cadillac approached them. One of the Irish boys even let rip with a jokey flying kick
at his friend’s head as the MMA star pulled his Escalade
over to say hello to his fans. One of the trio even roared the UFC lightweight
champ’s catchphrase “You’ll Do Nothing”. Before heading off on his way in his
luxury $73,395 Cadillac Escalade, the 29-year-old champ gave them a fist bump
and a few words of encouragement.