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historical appearance of branding as a marketing tool began many centuries ago,
when its use was set differently
i1 than today. It seems that in antiquity, branding
was seen as a renaming of a person to give him a new identity for extra strengthi2 . i3 In its modern definition the concept of branding
has changed the way organizations operate and it became an integrate element of
business strategic plan. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the first
brand advertising campaign created the benefits of branding strategy along with
product design and marketing community, re-emphasizing its importance. In the
early development of branding, its main use was to identify a problem associated
with a target group for resolution. Nowadays, branding does not only seek to
solve problems but also to create new ideas, keep connection with customers and
differentiation between customersi4 . Branding has evolved into a complete tool of
any business strategy that uses cognitive theories with psychology semiotics,
brand personality etc. through which it achieves its goals. Furthermore, the
evolution of branding has brought new elements to marketing strategy. Competition
in the market industry has created new needs depending on customers and
customer behavior. While customers have been bombarded with different products
and information about them, new science has made its appearance to help
businesses improve brand personality but also distinguish its features
according to its unique characteristics. Product design has made its appearance
along with the customization period in marketing evolution. While
personalization is of great importance considering the strategy plan, in the history
of marketing businesses demand of products and its features has changed. Oberoi
et al. (2017) agree that customization and personalization are the new
elements of marketing mix that enable companies to interact directly with their
customers.i5  Product design has evolved along with technological
innovation and recognizes it as the most important tool for adapting the product-based
business-target groups in a way that provides them with a competitive edge over

 i1Differently? How?

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 i2You need a reference that says that

 i3You need a contemporary definition before you
proceed, not only in antiquity.

 i4To branding
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 i5Please provide a reference for that? Did it
happen like this? Is there a change that happened recently? Is there any book,
paper, article that proves that? Can you refer to some evidence?