The increasing presence and future potential growth of

The General Assembly,Recognizing each country’s right to protect and conserve its borders,Fully aware of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which recognizes the inherent dignity, equality and inalienable rights of all global citizens,Expressing concern at the increasing presence and future potential growth of extremist groups worldwide,Deeply concerned about the increasing threat of cyberterrorism,Expressing its appreciation to the past efforts of various UN bodies and non-governmental organizations in combating terrorism,Condemning the recently frequent extremist attacks taken place around the world resulting in numerous civilian and non-civilian casualties,Reaffirming that all member states must cooperate using any measures to combat terrorism with full compliance with the international law, in particular that of human rights,Determined to combat by all means the threat posed by terrorism, complying with the international law and with respect to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,Encourages all relevant agencies of the United Nations to reinforce border control of countries with high risk of terrorist danger;Further recommends member states to implement increased media control by monitoring phone calls, emails, posts of the users in the Internet and censorship;Encourages all member states to increase cyber defense to face the issue of cyberterrorism by implementing cyber-defense units within the defense forces.Calls for the development of security of member states by implementing security, explosives, weapon, and migration legislations;Draws the attention of member governments to alert and inform citizenry to prevent terrorist attacks;Endorses the cooperation and coordination between foreign and domestic intelligence agencies to prevent planned terrorist attacks, reduce the number of assassinations and arrest potential terrorists;Invites the Ministries of Education of member states to raise the public awareness via educational meetings, videos and to remind the citizenry about the detrimental effects of terrorism;Further invites to run educational campaigns to bolster the psychological resilience against terrorism in countries with high risk of terrorist actions;Encourages the use of military force rather than attempting peaceful negotiations with extremists;Urges all relevant agencies of member states for close military collaboration to improve the effectiveness of counter-terrorist measures.