The Gong/Island Micheal Jackson Smooth Criminal (Bad) 1987

The whispers, ‘Rock steady’
(Babyface & L.A Reid)
This song was on the whispers album called
Just gets better with time, 1987)
Bob Marley & The Wailers
‘Waiting in vain’
(Bob Marley)
This piece of music is on the album
(Exodus) 1977
Tuff Gong/Island
Micheal Jackson
Smooth Criminal (Bad) 1987
J. Cole, ‘Work Out’
(Jermaine Cole), Roc Nation, Columbia.
This single was on J. coles first album
(Cole world: The sideline Story) 2011
(DJ Luck & Mc Neat) “Little bit of
luck” 1999
Its all good 2002
Le freak
Mary Mary
Speaker box

This piece of music style is known as
contemporary R&B.
This genre is just rhythem and blues which
known  as R&B contempory R&B
has combination of other musicial genres such as pop, hip- hop, soul etc.
This type of genre is strong base of smooth
type of pop music that is mainly/strongly based on the vocals. Contemporay
R&B has rudiments of soul and funk.
I believe that it does belong in this genre
(Contemporary R&B)
Reggae is a type of jamaican music that has
mix of  rhyhem and blues, rock n roll due
to the use of the electiroc guitar, drums and calypso.
This song has a reggae style beat to it but
it also has elements to rock song because the tempo of the song is quite
relaxed the rock influence is mainly based on the guitar solo half way
through the song so I would base it has reggae/rock.
Smooth criminal would be known as pop music
but I think its got a hint of R&b too.
Pop music is usally based with usually with
a strong chorus that is said multiple times aand has  2/3 verses. This genre originated in the
1950s. The has a memorable melody.
I do agree that it belongs in the pop genre
because it associates everything with pop music like the the melody and the
up tempo beat,
The song Work Out would be condideed to me
Hip hop. I agree that this song is in this genre but with regarded to this
song I think that it is a mix between hip/ R&b becaue of the melody
becaue its got a slow type of ryhtem compared yo naormall hip hop songs.
Hip hop music usually consistes of sampling
different types of beats and most importantly rapping is the main part of hip
UK garage
This genre
is called up garage also known as garage. It is more or less a type of
electronic dance music but has an urban feel to it. Garage is known to be a
sub-genre like 2 step, also it is linked to house music.
I truly
believe that it belongs in this genre because of the electronic dance beat
and iconic deep bassline. Also with garage music they songs are usually sung
by a person who is an MC or DJ.
Disco /
This song
would be categorised by the term of disco music which originated in 1970
which I a mix of pop music.
I believe
Le freak is disco music because it of it is up tempo with an extremely catchy
beat the temp is quite fast. A guitar mainly leads the whole song which is
expected in this genre This song lyrically is verses and chorus. Most
importantly the chorus is the most remembered part of the song which is what
made this song a hit in the 1980’s.
music is mostly known in African American churches so it’s known to be quite spiritual;
music it’s a combination of r and soul music. The musical style of
gospel music is mostly upbeat and cheerful with a lot of lyrical meaning.
I truly
believe that this song belongs in this genre because its uplifting and gospel
usic is known for that. Its very deep the
Gospel  music is about the vocal aspects and the
simple melody and harmony.
Grime originated
in London most popularly known in the UK.
I think
that this song is more a hip hop/rap type of song with a few elements of
grime. But with considering that grime is known to be a strong mix of jungle,
ragga, and hip-hop and garage music. Rapping is an important part of it as
well. It is ironically known for its electric beat.

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song itself is condided to be a classic rnb record.
music video for rock steady is the band performing the song live on stage
with a dance routine. I feel as if the performanve itself was amazing as you
watch the music video start copying the dance moves.
The song in my opinion is a great love song.
The lyrics are very straightforward and simple and is emotional touch felt
type of song. The lyric  “I don’t want
to wait in vain for your love” is repetitively  said in the song. The songs  mood is very passionate and bittersweet.
This single is about how he would wait for this women for as long as it takes
even though its killing him to keep waiting.
Reggae music has a deep gift to make to
make people dance and get into their blood stream.
criminal is a masterpiece with it being lyrically and the music beat which is
fast. The song as a extramly catchy hook “Annie, are ypu ok?” So, Annie  are you ok. Are you ok Annie. Which is
repeated in the song. The first line is said about 40 to 50 times in the
melody has a guitar solo in the middle of the song.
lyrics to the song are to illostrate a story.
also has keys playing throughout the song the melody is catchy. It makes it a
definitive eighties hit by
Cole had sampled tthis song from influences from Paula abdul 1980’s jam
‘straight up’  Jermoine says paula
abduls couros in the son which is Straight up now tell me do you really wanna
love me forever. Which I think that it 
works well lyrically which regards to his choros.
Kanye wests ‘Work out plan’ Lyrically he says’ staright up’
song would be considerd to be more a more chilled relax hip hop song rather
than a a beat and a few verses.
I feel as the song is classic grage song.
The song is very straightforward not much lyrrics so its very easy to
remember. The song seems very effortless because its more about the beat than anything else. Grage
is knoen fot his type of stuff.This is what makes the song more appealing.
The beat has very deep baseline and in the middle of the song it does go
Le freak is a clever best selling disco
songs of all time. The lyrics are about 
dancing. The song makes you want to get up ad dance. Nile Rodgers
Dance music is upposed to make you feel and
groove to every part of the song and this song does just that.
The veruus ae not very mememoral to sig
along to the eniresong cant really hear what they are trying to say.
song shakels is beutifuly sung, I believe that it is powerful which is like
the mojortity of gospel music itself. The song is about beng free from
shakels and being able to dance and be free.
music can make you feel it in youe mind, aheart amd soul. This genre has
other musical elements such as jazz and blues.It has a great melody.

This recording and concert could have been
improved by having this song being perfroemed on live tv like on a talk show.
The song itself was successful in the united states it had been the groups
most sold hit single which hit the top 10. What sold the song was the the
uptemepo drum beat throughout the song and the catchy lyrics. I would have
released it in more country across the world.
What I would’ve changed is that there
should’ve been a music video of some sort. I believe that a music video can
really sell a song commercially. But a lot of reggae songs don’t have them. But
in 1977 when this song was released they didn’t use music video then. So they
best way for it be successful was to have it played on the radio by as many
radio stations as possible. Another point was to perform the song at live
Smooth criminal had one of the best music
videos in the world the only thing I would change was the length of the video
because it was quite lengthy it was 10 minutes long I would’ve just kept the
video to 4. But the video is to explain the story of the song in basically a
short story. It has had a lot of commercial success globally due to the
powerful catchy chorus and the music video which had sold the song
performance tremendously.
I would improve this song commercially
becaie the song inisually got released in june 2011 but did not create a buzz
until  mid 2013. So I would have
released the song in more than just 2 contrys.  Alos I would have had it been performred on
live tv shows to get it more heard and know in the world.Work out did have
commercial success after all and selling over 3/ million records I think that
once the video had been released it did have a major inpact on its
commmerical successs.
I would’ve improved this sing by having a
music video to the song becaue fans would always want a music video to a
song. The commercial success this song had was quite good it had gone in the
Uk top 10. Garage music is only known in the UK so the main aim was to get
the song success in the homeland which is the UK.So It did not have much
other global success.
I think rellasesing thr song in other
contries would have gotten the song a different result.
This no1 song was a big commercial success
in the united states it was a number one in for a total for six weeks on the
disco chart and on the billboard hot 100. I believe that this song had
success from the amount of radio plays and live show performances including
t.v.It was also a top ten in a few other contrys like u.k.