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The creation of electricity had always been a huge leap upwards for mankind, but it has also been a huge leap downwards for the environment on earth. This world’s non-renewable energy usage is being pushed to a limit where people start slowly dying from all the pollution that this energy source creates. Maria van der Hoeven once said, “The world’s energy system is being pushed to breaking point”. The main source of energy has always been a struggle for mankind, fossil fuel, people using this source of energy is harming the earth by polluting the atmosphere around it. In fact, many people know this already, but they kept using this energy source because it is really cheap in terms of electricity price.Mankind has been addicted to electricity ever since it was created, to a certain extent, we could say that humans without electricity would mean that he is unable to connect to the outer world. Electricity has a downside and an upside, the upside benefits many humans in this world, but the downside also has an effect on humans and the planet.The Good side of electricity is a lot of things, for example, connecting you to the outer realm, the internet realm that people create using computers, which is powered up by electricity, or powering up your house, making your day go smoothly, or even to bake something, using the toaster, and many many more. Electricity has been fitted into our everyday lives, such as transportation from one place to another, or making your breakfast, powering up your phone, your computers, and Ipads. When you use electricity in your household, barely any pollution was ever created, which is different from using other power sources such as burning gas or coal. It is also really easy to transport electricity from the power plant to households, it travels at the speed of light that is the fastest speed on earth we have yet discovered. Another advantage of electricity is that it could be stored in portable devices such as phones, laptop and power banks. However; the disadvantage of electricity is also immense, at our current state, most of our electricity input is coming from factories that burn fossil fuel and natural gas that is polluting the world by releasing greenhouse gases into our precious atmosphere. Due to the mass usage of electricity, more and more people start to become dependent on it and even start getting addicted to it, such as nomophobia, a cell phone addiction syndrome. Teenagers now could be found using their phone at an average length of 5 hours per day, and once the power runs out, most likely people would panic a lot because they cannot use whatever they use every day. In 2017, Electricity consumption of the whole country is 3867 TWh, and on the other hand, in China, energy consumption of the whole country is about 5220 TWh, which is the highest electricity usage out the whole world. China has such a high electricity consumption amount because it has an enormous amount of factories that generate tons of pollution into the atmosphere every day, and lots of power plants which burn coal and fossil fuels into electricity.Many people in the world have been told that there is this climate change problem, but a very small amount of people have taken any action to withstand against this huge problem that is threatening humanity’s existence. Very inadequate amount of renewable energy such as solar power, wind power, or hydropower has been used for our main energy amount. Many scientists have been trying to solve this problem for years, but none have actually come up with a solution except for slowing the process of the death of the Earth. Innovators and scientists who have noticed this problem and wants to contribute to the world have been trying to slow down the process of global warming for years until we can find a solution for the problem. Arnold Schwarzenegger once stated, “The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.” This is calling out for people to change from non-renewable energy such as fossil fuels, natural gas to renewable energy such as solar power, hydropower. There are many advantages of renewable energy compared to a non-renewable energy source. For example, renewable energy has an unlimited amount of usage, or could be used for a very long period of time before running out, and have much more potential than a non-renewable energy source. Another example of an advantage of renewable energy is that they cost way fewer resources to transport as there is a large number of them all around the world. Solar power is one type of renewable energy, people using solar power generated electricity could be self-energy sufficient, so they could install solar panels on their rooftops and create power themselves, this type of energy’s transformation process is much easier than the non-renewable energy sources, since the user is only required to install the panels, and the electricity will generate over time by absorbing the energy in the sun and transforming them into electricity. On the other hand, non-renewable energy such as fossil fuels and natural gas will require not only a tremendous amount of resources to transport them from the mines that they are acquired from to the factory but also will require an enormous amount of resources to transform them into electricity and to our households.These alternative energy sources that are renewable could be much more resource efficient and could be really successful if they are largely harvested and transferred into electricity which is then transported into our everyday households. In my opinion, these energy sources could be very successful in terms of environmental terms, there is a very large amount of them, therefore they could be seen as a potentially infinite energy source. However, energy sources such as solar power, hydropower, and wind power could have some disadvantages such as equipment used to harvest them could be really costly.