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The use of soma is considered normal and is used regularly. It is provided by the government and is used to help ease pain or tend to any other negative feelings like depression. It has the effect to give pleasure and joy. Soma can be compared to things that people do in a everyday basis. In the book, it tells what Soma is and how people use it like it’s a part of their day. Soma can be compared to things in today’s world like cigarettes, alcohol, prescription and illegal drugs.  The positives to this drug is that it if you have a problem, taking this drug will make it seem like you won’t ever have to face it. It’s used in this society because it help keep everything in order. If everyone is taking soma all the time and as much as they can, everything in this society is going to run smoothly. No one will cause trouble or try to change how things are if they’re constantly under the drug whenever their mood turn for the worst. Everyone is dependent on soma and if you take that away, the people who work the less favorable jobs like Epsilons, will cause them to hate their jobs and wish that had soma. The “utopia” that government is keeping, will fall apart. This is still relevant in 2018 because of how soma is similar in a way to the things we consume like alcohol and drugs. Nothing can really compare to soma because of the effects it gives off and there’s little to none side effects,but If soma were gone, the people with bad jobs would start to feel depressed because they don’t have the drug to help them forget. It’s similar with the people today. People go home looking forward to something like a drink. If they don’t have anything to look forward to, then they’re going to be unhappy. In the book, soma is used when hardships or feelings that aren’t accepted come up. Soma makes people really happy and forget about the problems and feelings they have. Aldous Huxley wrote that a drug will take control of people’s lives. Instead of working through the difficulties of life, you are drugged through them. This also makes it easier to control people. Kept stable through their conditioning at birth and as they grow, soma is there to help them block out any unnecessary emotions.Soma has the effects to make people really happy, but is used to escape pain without any side effects. The drug is given out by the government to suppress