Asian view things. Children educated in China usually

Asian education system is said to differ greatly from American education system. In Asia, parents and guardians believe in punishing children so that they may grow up morally upright.

In America this sounds very funny more so in the United States whereby parents and guardians have their own ways of educating their children. The two countries use totally different methods to educate their children and this simply means that the children will have different abilities and potentialities in the future.

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The children also acquire different skills however they are all aimed at brightening their future and living big. Many researchers have gone a step ahead and studied the two education systems. Many differences have been pointed out following the researches.

To begin with, the first and foremost difference is the interaction of the children with the other family members. Parents in China value investing in education of their children and to make them reach higher and advanced levels of education like universities. Most of the parents in China have the belief that it is a great achievement to educate a child up to the university level.

The children have no other alternative apart from being serious with their academic work since the parents keenly observe their progress. The children aim at getting educated as their only way of driving to a bright future. The parents are ever keen on their children’s performance from the lowest level of education to the highest one and they even punish them for betterment.

Contrary to what happens in China, parents in America aim at making their children comfortable and they always relate closely and in a friendly manner to each other. Children in America are never punished but counseled and corrected in a friendly and polite way. Punishment in America is a crime and it is punishable in a court of law.

The next difference between the two education systems is observed in the methods used in schools to educate the children. The two are greatly different with no single similarity. In China they believe in good schools. Parents always struggle to ensure that their children land in good schools which perform well. This means that competition is high since each school is always to admit many students as it can hold. This competition for schools begins from kindergarten to university level.

This competition makes parents to be serious and ready to struggle for the education of their children since a child has to go to a good high school so that she/he may qualify to join public universities. All parents in China believe that education is the only good gift they can give to their children. Social skills are not valued and parents use little time to educate their children on the social life.

The education in America is totally different from that in China because it is done in a free style with parents being less keen. Parents in America give their children freedom to choose what to do and what to learn.

Parents only aim at making sure that their children are happy and are living without any struggles. The parents never value taking their children to big schools because there is no competition and therefore not easy to identify the highly performing schools. Parents therefore invest less in educating their children and invest much in making their social life happy and comfortable.

Due to the above differences in the education systems of children in China and America, these children have different future and the way they view things. Children educated in China usually have high knowledge academically due to the seriousness they give to schooling. These children however, are not experienced on the social life and they therefore find it difficult to communicate perfectly.

This is because their parents helped and did a lot for them in every stage of growth and therefore they find it hard to conceptualize things on their own. The children lack most of the daily skills that are needed for living like cooking and washing clothes. These children remain still close to their parents even when they are above 18 years. Unlike this situation in China, children in America are socially experienced and they can communicate perfectly.

They children however, have less knowledge academically due to less seriousness in education. At the age18, the children are able to live on their own without getting any aid from their parents. The children are able to solve challenges in life on their own and they can socialize with others freely.

People in America believe that their education is the best while those in China have the same belief. This makes it easy to choose the best education system from the two. Differences must come in and this means that none of the education systems is unworthy so long as the children grow up well and run their own future. The two countries are expected to learn from each other due to the changing conditions of the world. Technology has greatly advanced and it implies that comparison is necessary. .