The designers and contractors who built the store,

The Sampoong Department Store was constructed in Seoul,
South Korea. It had been collapsed on the 29th of June in 1995. This
collapse is known as the deadliest modern building collapse that has taken
place, up until the attacks that took place in New York. The reasons behind
this disaster were the numerous errors made by the designers and contractors
who built the store, and the irresponsibility on behalf of the store owner.


The structure had been built on top of a landfill, which
was originally designed for an office building. However, midway through
construction, the chairman had desired to construct it into a department store,
with an additional fifth floor. Several engineers that had been working on the
project warned the owner, Joon, that the changes were life-threatening. They
stated that the building had high chances of collapsing. However, Joon did not
comprehend with the fact that this was a high probability, and fired his
workers instead.

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When the disaster had taken place, 1500 people were
present in the building and got trapped, in which over 500 died and 937
underwent non-fatal injuries. The rescue team was not able to start their
search till the next day due to the risk of further collapses, therefore
rescuers would have been at risk.