“The claim “the eyes are the mirror to


“The mirror to the soul’


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quote made us think of a knowledge issue which is to what extent is the claim
“the eyes are the mirror to the soul” true in the three areas of knowledge we
are going to discuss which are: Natural science, art, and psychology.


 We were reading a book by James Borg called
“Body Language” which generally talks about how to know what is really being
said by the way people interact. While we were reading a chapter called
“looking” which talks about the eyes, we stopped by a quote which is “the
mirror to the soul”.


science, art and psychology.


what extent is the eye is the mirror to soul from different perspectives.


read the book it grabbed our attention and then we started searching about the
topic from different perspectives.


made us look even deeper in things, start thinking differently, take things
from different perspectives, and think more out of the box.









of the most common diseases that can be detected by looking into a person’s
eyes is cataract . cataracts are the clouding of the eye lens which is often
seen among all the people after 65 years of age but can also occur earlier and
is seen as a sign of aging. However, there are some other reasons for the
cataract. they might be caused by some by some laser radiations that hit the
eye and that might cause cataract . Moreover , cataracts could be caused by eye
colored contact lenses , these lenses might stop the real eye from focusing and
seeing things clearly.

back to the knowledge issue …

what extant can natural sciences lead us to the truth that is said to be
conveyed through someone’s eyes which is the mirror or the window to the soul?
can doctors depend on the eyes in knowing if the patient is sick? can the
disease really be determined by looking into someone’s eyes ?

eyes can reveal if a person is sick or not but the thing that might be seen in
a person’s eye may have tons of explanations, for example, yellow eyes might
give an indication that this person has jaundice which is usually a sign of
liver problems which can be treated often once the cause is identified. however
it may also be Ammonia which occurs when there aren’t enough red blood cells.
to conclude, a scientist , doctor, can know what is wrong with the patient
through his eyes but not all of the diseases can be reflected by the eyes since
there are many diseases that can cause the same affect on the eyes.

the big question is can a artistic depiction of the human soul show a true
understanding of it, by artistic? 














1 : introduction 

were reading a book by James Borg called body language which generally
talks about how to know what is really being said by the way people interact.
While we were reading a chapter called looking which talks about the eyes we
stopped by a quote which is the mirror of the soul.

quote made us think of a knowledge issue which is to extant is the claim “the
eyes are the mirror of the soul” true in the three areas of knowledge we
are going to discuss which are: natural science , art , and psychology.

is the meaning of this quote according to language ?

is a proverb which means which means that a person’s thoughts can be known by
looking into the eyes. just as one knows a person by his appearance and way of
being, one also knows the secret of a person’s soul by his face.

is meant by the soul in this case ?

soul is a part of a person that is capable of thinking and feeling. in other
words, it is the emotional dimension of a human being. but coming to the
meaning of the soul that is related to our quote.

it means the inside emotions that the person that doesn’t want to show his real
emotions as they can appear through  his
eyes when looking deeply into the others eyes .

how can the secret of a person’s soul be known?

example to clarify the point, the face of a deceiver pretends to have humility,
equity , and justice, however, if a wise person examines him long and
attentively, he will detect the hypocrisy. and so the face therefore is the
image of the heart and the eyes is the mirror of the soul and its affections.
to clarify, the face and the eyes indicates the joy or sadness of the soul its
love or hatred; so also, honesty and hypocrisy.

why is the word mirror used in the quote stated ?

eyes are said to be the open windows to the soul to the person since it simply
bares all. in other words, it reflects what the heart feel the same way light
reflects by a mirror allowing us to see things around us . to clarify, there is
the heart that it feels and the eyes that reflect the same glorious story.




2 : Natural sciences

is meant by soul according to natural sciences ?

a soul is a person’s moral or emotional nature or sense of identity .

what extend is the claim true in natural sciences ( biology) ?

eye of the human being or sight, is not just one of five senses , we can see
everything that is tangible through our eyes such as colors , plants, nature
and people. an can  give many explanations
and indications reflecting emotions, for example: sad eyes happy eyes all of
the following expressions are used by poets to emphasize on the happiness or
suffering of a person through describing their eyes

vision or sight doesn’t only reflect the direct meaning that everyone
understand , there is actually an indirect figurative meaning being an inner
vision, or a person can have an insight as they can see more to something that
meets the eye; which means that there is a hidden value or fact behind
something that not everyone can see unless they look deep into it.

as an eye is a mirror to inner emotions it can also mirror physical health, a
very basic example that you all can relate to is lack of sleep, when one of you
doesn’t sleep well at night their eyes would reflect their tiredness and lack
of rest. Damaged eyes, and eyelids  , eye
infection, hollow eyes , unclear eyes, jaundice in the eyes which is
discoloration of the skin, whites of the eyes an goggle eyes ( wide open eyes

of the above reflect different health states and diseases that usually includes
the whole body .


3 : art

is art ?

is a result of expressing of creativity, including music, painting , sculpture,
and literature. it is often suggested that art is a way of expressing emotions.
According to what Tolstoy and Henry Ward Beecher said, art is not handicraft,
it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced revealing his own
nature due to the dips of the brush in the artist’s soul.




what does the soul have to do with art ?

say that the art is a tool that we can use to show our soul to others. some say
that’s art connects nature with the soul since it is given by the power of the
nature and is the way nature fulfills our soul. Others say is the way that our
soul gets therapy where we can show that we’re different since we have a soul
worth looking at .

does the word mirror have to do with the idea of the soul and the eyes in art ?

to the quote by George  Bernard Shaw
which is in the green cloud, works of art are used to see or we can say reflect
the artist’s soul the same way when a person looks at a glass mirror seeing the
reflection of his face.

can we understand the idea conveyed by the artist through the eyes which are
said to be the mirror to the soul through the pieces of art ?

are many artists who referred to the eyes as the mirror to the soul through
their paintings; one of the artists is Leonardo Da Vinci.

are still trying to find what Mona Lisa’s eyes convey.

experts says that the eyes of this woman in Leonardo Da Vinci 16th- century
masterpiece contain a secret code. a chairman if Italy’s National Committee for
culture  Heritage named Silvano Vincenti
researched about the painting and said Leonardo was keen on symbols and codes
to get messages across, and he wanted us to know the identity of the model
using the eyes, which he believed were the door to the soul and a means for
communication .

researchers now believe that letters and numbers painted in the eye of this
portrait is a code that may indicate the original model’s identity . in other
words, they believe that the eyes tend to reveal the original identity of a

back to the knowledge issue for this area of 
knowledge :

what extent can art lead us to the truth that is said to be conveyed through
the character’s eyes which is the mirror or the window to the soul in a piece
of art ?

is concluded that the eyes drawn in art can reveal the true meaning but not
always since it can be understood differently by people depending on the:

experience: if the person has experience of what the painting reflects or not.

depends on sense perception: a person might think of the meaning of a painting
differently by looking into the characters eyes depending on their emotions for
example: somebody might think that this character in this painting might be
scared which isn’t what the artist actually meant to say. To point out what it
truly reveals, she was trying to make sure that he will not realize what is
actually happening.


Part 4 : psychology ( Human sense)


what is psychology?


the word psychology is derived from a Greek word, meaning the study
of the soul or mind . However,  the
definition has been altered over the years in which it currently doesn’t
concentrate on the mind and the soul or spirit.


dilation of the pupil size: the pupil is the black centre of the
eye which opens or closes to let in more or less light. Darkness causes pupils
to dilate.

Moreover, Emotions can change the size in the pupil. to clarify, if
a person likes what he sees, the pupils would enlarge ( nothing that we cannot
control the size of the pupil).


Going back to the knowledge issue for this area of knowledge:

To what extent can human sciences lead us to the truth that is said
to be conveyed through a person’s eyes which is the mirror or the window to the
soul ?

can we depend on the body language signs that have to do with the
eyes in order to know how a person feels what is on his mind?





Even though the psychologists have referred to the eyes as the
mirror to the soul since they reveal what is hidden in the heart , not everyone
might understand the statements proclaimed by the psychologists correctly. to
justify , it depends on :


experience the person has experienced in his life.

depends on the person’s culture : there are some signs in a culture can mean
something else in another culture such as the familiar ok American sign or the
thumbs up sign. it shouldn’t be used with people who are non-American since it
can express rude sexual connotation in many societies. once, a foreign used
this sign in Africa and was beaten nearly to death by passengers who thought
that he was being offensive.


To conclude, the eyes can reveal the truth through the three areas
of knowledge since they can reveal what is inside of you from diseases when
talking about natural sciences, feelings when talking about psychology , and
identity , feelings, the person, his culture , and sense perception can change the
way they understand a person when looking into his eyes leading them to either a
correct or an incorrect understanding.