The illness because it persists for many years.

The following essay is concerned with the book’ The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness’ by Joel Ben Izzy. In his book, the author shares the experiences that he goes through in his life.

Joel compares his life with that of King Solomon who becomes a beggar after losing his kingdom. Both Solomon and Joel experience many difficulties. Joel was a great story teller until when he becomes a cancer patient. He wakes up after surgery only to realize that he can’t speak. He eventually finds the meaning of true happiness (Lazzy, 12).

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Quote that interests me

The quote from Joel Ben Izzy’s book “The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness” that interests me is, “In this life you have a choice; You can laugh along with God, or you can cry all alone” (Lazzy, pg. 1). Joel Ben Izzy is taught this quote by his father (Izzy 31). This quote means that whatever happens in our lives is as a result of the choices that we make. In other words, we are in charge of our lives no matter what we face.

Joel Ben Izzy is determined to chase after his dream despite losing his voice following a surgery. Cancer is a chronic illness because it persists for many years. At one time, Joel Ben Izzy is a great storyteller and the next moment, he finds himself in hospital diagnosed with cancer and wonders whether or not he will ever speak again. Indeed, he never plans that he could ever get sick.

However, he hopes that he will speak once again and realize his life dreams. This quote is of particular interest as it encourages me that without a reason to press on and a dream, one can’t make it in life. Determination is thus the key towards realizing our full potentials. It is having a reason to chase our dreams despite the odds.

Joel Ben Izzy has a reason and a dream to fight for. He believes in himself and his dream, and stays focused, never goes off-road and ignores the challenges that he is facing. He makes a choice never to give up and he is optimistic that success is just around the corner.

His dreams are thus bigger than his present problems. This quote teaches me that it is worth fighting for our dreams despite the challenges that we face.

How the story resonates in my life

Joel Ben’s story,’ The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness’ resonates in my life. The following is a personal story of my life; I had the best childhood before my parents began getting sick.

This comfortable life was quite short lived though. My mother started ailing and my father too started ailing soon after. My mother was hospitalized for many months. When she got better and discharged, my father got sick and was admitted for several months.

This forced him to quit his job as he was too weak. Two months later, he passed on. I was thus brought up by a single mother. We became the poorest in the surrounding community as my mother was not employed. My primary school life was one of the most difficult ones.

Besides, I was sent home severally due to lack of school fees. Through the sponsorship from the government, I managed to complete my studies. I passed with good grades. I got a scholarship to Master in Accounting from Harvard Business School and my life drastically changed from worse to good.

I now hope to travel all over encouraging people that they can make it life in spite of their pasts. Just like Joel Ben Izzy, I made a choice never to let the challenges determine my future destiny. Currently, i am a manager in a leading company in the banking industry.

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