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The Holocaust began with Hitler’s rise to power in 1933. During this time, more than 6 million Jews and millions of other groups of people were brutally murdered. While all the murders were devastating, none were as bad as the Jews. During this period, 5,000 Jewish communities were wiped out and the total that died represented 1/3 of all Jewish people alive at that time. A total of about 11 million people died during these horrendous 12 years. Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Soldiers and SS Officers, and the non – Jewish Europeans who turned a blind eye to the Jews should all be blamed for the Holocaust. To begin, Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party, is the person who should be  blamed the most for the Holocaust. First, he created the plan to have a “pure German race”. Hitler wanted a flawless Aryan race. Everyone is human and everyone should be treated equally. It’s not fair that because they had different beliefs, they should be killed. Hitler didn’t have the right to put people through the things they went through. Second, he abused his power. Hitler was supposed to help Germany after the war because of their economic downturn, but all he wanted to do was get of the Jews. Hitler was raised to hate Jews and there are rumours that explain his growing hate for Jews, but there is definitely no excuse to go and kill 11 million people. As a result, creating the plan, abusing his power, and just being crazy, leads Adolf Hitler to be the number one person responsible for the Holocaust. Apart from Hitler the Nazi Soldiers and SS Officers are also liable for the 11 million people that were murdered in the Holocaust. First, they didn’t have to follow Hitler’s orders. It was a choice whether they wanted to kill people or not. These men had families and it’s crazy to believe these people would be willing to follow Hitler and torture all these people.  Second, they chose who lived and who died. The starved, beat and killed people for no reason other than to instill fear on others. No one can even begin to fathom what these followers of Hitler put people through. Third, they helped create the Final Solution. They used the term to refer to their plan to exterminate the Jewish people. The Nazi Soldiers and SS Officers murdered nearly 2.7 million Jews by purely torturing them in various ways. Therefore, following Hitler, choosing who lived and who died and helping create the Final Solution makes the Nazi Soldiers and SS Officers the second most guilty for this disaster. Lastly, The non – Jewish Europeans who turned against the Jews should have some of the blame for the Holocaust. For one, even if they are a different religion they are still human beings just like any other German. So how could people just watch and not care what happened to the people around them? Those 11 million people who were murdered had families and friends just like everybody else. Second, they would want people to help them if they were in the same situation. Imagine the Holocaust if it was switched around, the Jews wanted to get rid of the Germans. You would want your neighbour or your friend to help hide you or stick up for you. But in the actual Holocaust barely anyone stood up for the Jews. Third, picture all of the children that died. If a German would’ve helped that one family hide then maybe the world would be cured of cancer, we’ll never know. Approximately 1.5 million children were murdered in this tragedy. Just imagine what the world could have been with that one extra child. We could have better technology or cures for fatal diseases. But no one knows what the world could have been if those children lived. Consequently, not helping their Jewish friends when they had the chance, not putting themselves in their position, and ruining our world’s future helps The non – Jewish Europeans having some of the blame for the Holocaust. In conclusion, Hitler is at fault because he was the leader of all this catastrophe, the Nazi Soldiers and SS Officers are at fault because they physically hurt people when they didn’t have to and last but not least the non- Jewish Europeans who turned against their Jewish friends are also at fault because they never thought about how they would feel if they were in the same situation. Many innocent people lost their lives during this tragic time, and many people helped with the destruction and chaos.