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The Compromise of 1850 was a collection of Congressional legislation enacted to resolve sectional problems in the United States regarding slavery.The compromise of 1850 was the aftermath of the Mexican cession.1849 california wanted to join the US as a free state. This made the south mad because it disrupted the balance between free and slave states. So this guy named Henry clay came up with a few resolutions to this delima. This is now what we call the compromise of 1850. Clay’s plan consisted of the following.The fugitive slave act was amended as a law. It all goes back to the constitution at the end of article 4 which was called the fugitive slave clause. This orders states to deliver up runaway slaves when they are requested by slaveholders. The southern states complained that this clause was not being upheld properly by law enforcements in the north. The 1850 Fugitive Slave Act said that anyone who harbored slaves would be charged with both civil penalties and criminal penalties including up to 6 month imprisonment if they were caught and prosecuted correctly. It was very harsh and not very enforced. The Underground Railroad was very successful there are more documented escapes than rendition hearings. (A rendition hearing is a court case where the person being tried for the crime can tell the court why they had done that crime.) There were a lot of southerners arrested for helping slaves escape but not under federal law under state slave stealing statues.Slave trade in Washington D.C was abolished. On September 20th, 1850, congress had approved the abolishment of slave trade in the District of Columbia.By 1860, the District of Columbia was home to 11,131 free black people and 3,185 slaves. Due to the abolishment of this act.Before the banning of slave trade in Washington DC, the capital was squared shaped. Today is shaped like a backwards letter “L”. Alexandria was a successful slave trade market and requested to go back to Virginia, leaving DC its current shape.The state of california will enter the united states as a free state like they wanted and in accordance with that Texas entered as a slave state.The Texas – New Mexico boundary line had been disputed and was also a part of the compromise. The compromise deciphered where the boundary between New Mexico and Texas would be.This made the New Mexico and Utah territories a neutral states as well. New Mexico and Utah had a territorial government due to this compromise.Though this plan was sought out to be successful to end the slavery disagreement, the plan soon failed after.